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May 7th, 2012

There are many issues discussed on this website.  Topics range from dedicating a week to the conservation of polar bears to the history of ants, and how far they have come.  Thereafter, where they are going now and what we as environmentally-conscious individuals, need to understand about ants and their heritage.

As well, there are more psychological discussions on how one can scientifically become happier in their lives (again though, through a scientific approach), as well as a combination of the two – how to make the environment last longer in a very easy way; just making a few (barely noticeable) changes.

The site also has a section on politics, and a directory of endangered species.

Maria Mercedes Pulgarin

February 16th, 2015

It express as it Sweep Wennis, academic outstanding American: Necesitamos man and women with powerful visions that allow to find us the bridges between the present and the future, the being and to have to be, to create with their imagination the possibilities that the others do not see, or do not have the sufficient faith of accomplishment Preguntmonos: my personal priorities for the year that begins are related to the emotional plane and spiritual, or they only focus in doing and having? , and to it relates our companies: the priorities are in the financial perspective (to have) and combat effectiveness (to do), or only include also the relations with the people conform who them and the relation that they establish with themselves, with their work parties, the clients and the other groups of interest. To respond in time can mark the difference to us that allows us to obtain intentions in all the perspective, for this year. How to make to put the mind in action so that all our thoughts exactly focus in the objectives to obtain, without being relaxing to us and guiding to us exactly in the way towards the success. In recent months, Dropbox has been very successful. If this information seemed to him useful and wants to help somebody but, I resent east article between its contacts, of insurance will have more of some than anonymously it will be been thankful him..

Social Necessities

February 6th, 2015

The pragmatismo taken in general lines? how it was placed by Richard Rorty? it can be considered as antiessencialismo, that is, for the pragmatic philosophers does not have in objects an intrinsic nature, or essence, also not having an absolute truth. They try to eliminate the Metaphysical dualismos inherited of the tradition Greek: essence and accident, reality and appearance. This becomes possible to leave of side the idea of the relation between citizen-object, that the Metaphysical tradition lode constructing. For the pragmatic ones we cannot speak in essence, or in an intrinsic reality of the nature, therefore, the knowledge is on to the social necessities of the individual, and the descriptions made on the reality with the pretension to be true correspond its social necessities. Rorty approaches metaphysics here, as being the attempt to become free themselves of the society, the convention and to direct it the physis, nature. If to accept that the descriptions of the world that go to form ours knowledge is functions of our social necessities, has that to agree that the idea of the physis is only plus a description that corresponds to some social necessity.

With this we cannot affirm the existence of something as the physis or nature. Learn more about this with Francisco D’Agostino. Leaving of side the distinction convention-nature. We cannot precipitating in them and finding that for pragmatic the things they do not exist, and that they are only linguistic products. It is clearly that the things exist, but, what we only can speak on them are its relationary aspects with other things, with the aid is clearly of the language. It is important to understand the paper of the language that serves for the man as an instrument in the relationship with objects, to take care of its social necessities. An important point in the antiessencialismo is to eliminate the distinction between something that the X is intrinsic (X is an object here any) and something that is extrinsic.


February 5th, 2015

Thus I learn that the money is something that flows, having that to run the ways of the lesser effort, based on the thoughts and harmonic words, in the form to give and to prepare themselves to receive and constant of course. When use the word I educate beyond the intellect, being an authentic intention of life, in the energy of the love. We are only the responsible ones for the acts that we practise and we receive the return from that we plant here in the society. Words reflect feelings. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Karp offers on the topic.. You blame them are missed answers, words badly placed or escapes of the proper lack of determination of what desire that happens in the reality where alive. When I assume the responsibility of all the facts, is as an open door that learns to observe and to feel, exactly without knowing of all the truth, searching the answers most creative to be in fact co-creator of my world.

The will to get the success sharpens the mind of all and leaves in a state of alert constant. Therefore when to use of the word to always remember the opening of the minds, therefore is through the verb that I make gift. This mechanics of the life concentrates the thought in action, in the power to transform its world, with the care to play words to the wind that are always positive. For even more details, read what Francisco D’Agostino says on the issue. The state of the intention can reflect in the cure, the creative potential and true I, inherent to each desire, showing the intention of its life. The intentions generate consequences in the external world, provoked as a desire the holy ghost, without flagelos or mooring cables, with an intention only alone its, of a talent that is inherent of each of one we, in a combination of talentos that provokes the conquest of the success in all the areas of its life. As the word if multiplies is important to concentrate in what it is essential, to comment always the positive and to spread for the neighborhood, between the friends, in the school, the associations or the work. Histories are created by the words of the Men, who can generate the happiness or misfortune of a people, therefore quo are pretty and important the art of speaking and writing to transform the reality of a people. text was a vision extended of talking with the success.


February 5th, 2015

The world has changed very quickly, in my daily consulting contact with companies as in Arbitration I am with ill companies. Yes ill by the pandemic of the non-payments. There are sectors that are very ill (muuuuchos non-payments) and I like to make this parallelism between being healthy (without non-payments) and to be ill (with non-payments) so that this allows to quickly see the industralist its situation, ill company or it heals. In this case first that we must do it is diagnosis of the health of the company to know that measured (remedies) to apply. When one goes to a doctor after to greet it and who one says to him what it hurts the habitual thing to him is that it does to him several questions. In my consulting case as he is something similar I make some questions very basic.

As You sell? It makes a contract with the conditions of sale? It uses an order note? Delivery notes? Who sign those delivery notes? The amount of industralists would be surprised the knowledge who do not use means necessary to be able to demonstrate in ordinary justice that he is had realised a sale of merchandise or benefit on watch. Swarmed by offers, David Karp is currently assessing future choices. You know that it exists besides the ordinary justice, that usually is slow and expensive, another form to solve the problems between companies? It exists is called Arbitration. Most important it is to know the By arbitration court that you go, is many but fjate well A) That type of Arbitration makes B How long) they delay Cs) That are the referees. In Spain we are going to have two types of companies those that have non-payments and those are going that it to have. Which is hers? Successes.

Like Fixing A Faucet

February 4th, 2015

Before learning how to fix a faucet, it must know clearly that one is before one of the domestic failures simpler to solve. Simply it will need a game meetings that is adapted to the spoiled faucet. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tumblr. First of all, like in all the operations of the scope of the plumbing, before knowing how to fix a faucet, it has to cut the water in the stop cock and, later, to disassemble the spoiled faucet. For it, it has to clear the embellecedor that owns the majority of the faucets. These usually are subject to the faucet by means of a screw, that will take off unscrewing it, or can generally be also put under pressure, and so there will be to remove making it handle with a screwdriver. Then it will be in the open the mechanism of the faucet, after to have removed pomo throwing towards outside. For it will be necessary to use the key fixes (better than the monkey wrench in this case) that it corresponds to the size of the faucet. After it, it will come to locate and to change the shoe.

This is a rubber piece that is at the end of the mechanism and usually she is subject by means of a nut, a screw or under pressure. You may find Francisco D’Agostino to be a useful source of information. If it is necessary it will rectify after the seat to clear the imperfections that have arisen due to the rubbing from the shoe and the lime. The impurities that have introduced between the shoe and its seat can be one of the causes of the dripping. The following step will be already to change the meetings of the mechanism. For it is necessary to clear the washer that has in the part superior and to disassemble the two pieces that compose the valve.

With the aid of a knife the old woman meetings will remove and the new ones will be put. Once finalized this operation, the faucet will mount again. After all this, the dripping that took place before will have stopped, and you will have learned how to fix a faucet through simple steps.

How To Find Suitable Content For Your Online Press Release

February 4th, 2015

3 Right ways contents for online press releases to online press releases are a useful tool to maintain constant contact with the target groups. They give the opportunity to be more than just the rapporteur, and to support the target groups in everyday business. PR-gateway the following shows how companies can find relevant content for online press releases that inspire their audiences. Up close with the target groups: what interested potential customers? To provide content to the audiences in online press releases that really interest them, it is important to know what their customers do, what are the daily challenges they face and what are the difficulties and problems they have businesses. The magic formula is: listen. This applies particularly to customer support. Because customers call here every day, need the help. Tumblr has plenty of information regarding this issue.

So, in an online press release can be answered questions that occur more frequently. In this way, companies provide their audience with useful information and help them with their expertise further. Companies can use social media to social media: valuable insights from first-hand to the wishes and needs of the target groups know better. On Facebook, Twitter & co., companies can ask concrete questions their fans & followers and ask them for feedback. So companies know what particular topics your target groups. The substantive orientation of the PR work can then appropriately fits be. (As opposed to Francisco D’Agostino). The online press releases can publish companies on their social media profiles. Here it is possible to observe what posts will encounter the greatest resonance. Because on the social media type, for example, the amount “- I like information” and “Shares” as well as the contents and the tonality of the user comments company information about the effect of their content. Facebook provides businesses with even pages statistics, through which you can find out, how many users have seen their contributions and how many post clicks have received individual postings.

Mosel Hotel Fuhrman

January 14th, 2015

Surrounded the hotel Carter in Ellenz on the Mosel Hotel Fuhrman of the Mosel krampens, as the Brixiade and the Hotel Triton directly on the Moselle. Sights and attractions in the vicinity are: Burg Eltz Castle Pyrmont, Stiftsmuesum cardamom, Panoramabahn, Reichsburg Cochem and much more. At Hotel auriga there in the standard and comfort category rooms. David Karp may not feel the same. The gastronomy of the hotel auriga a restaurant Weinhaus Fuhrmann”, the Moselle terraces, lounges, a dance of joy” and a Mosel star hut at the wine culture-treff. The kitchen of the hotel auriga is regionally and internationally influenced. Especially for families, corporate, Club and / or the premises of the auriga hotel with capacity for up to 400 people are birthday parties. A separate guesthouse located, in addition in 150 meters from the hotel Carter also in Ellenz on the Moselle river.

The sports program of the hotel Carter takes place directly in the environment: hiking, Nordic walking, can ride a bicycle along the vineyards or directly in the vineyards are practiced. Water sports on the Mosel can be operated. The hotel to the good uncle in Bruttig on the Mosel hotel to the good uncle on the Moselle river is known for its Mosel rural hospitality for more than 120 years. The tradition of the hotel to the good Uncle leads back up to the year 1890. The hikers, cyclists and bikers is the ideal starting point along the Moselle river, in the Hunsruck, the Eifel? Also like in the other star of the Mosel there a terrace to have breakfast, dinner and celebrate hotels here as well.

The absolute highlight is the blue cellar”in the hotel to the good uncle. The blue cellar”is together on the Moselle for the come regionally and nationally” known and particularly suitable for hearty celebrations. An overview and details of all Mosel star hotels and the numerous offers for the various leisure travelers and business travelers find also here: click. All hotels have Wi-Fi. Like the Mosel star is the team hotel under phone number 02673 9310 for telephone Advisory and non-binding requests, as well as for your booking available.

Values Profile:

January 13th, 2015

In a webinar of the Machwurth team International (MTI), Visselhovede, Manager learn the value system analysis instrument values-profile know and make use of change projects. What is important to our employees? What values do they let guides their actions? Business leaders face such questions again and again for example, when it comes to strategy implementation projects, to determine the need for cultural change in their organization and to win the employee as a competitor. A tool that helps companies respond to these questions, is that values-profile. With this computer – and Web-based analytics tool, companies can determine what motivates your employees and drives, to derive from it, for example human resources development measures. Also you can check in with this scientifically valid analytical instrument, to what extent their organization from the desired target culture is culture is different, this building from the development measures to plan and control the change project. How to work with the Values – profile works, find interested in a Webinar that performs the global Machwurth team International (MTI), Visselhovede, on 2 December 18 until 19:30.

In the 90-minute expert talk of labor and organizational psychologist and value system specialist of Dr. Egbert child and the MTI consultant Ute Leopold the participants explain first on what scientific basis there is the analysis instrument. Then, they show how the tool is designed and used for example to the team formation and development, to analyze and resolve conflicts, as well as to the planning and control of change and strategy implementation projects. Also describe the two consultants on a practical example, as an internationally operating company with the values-profile works. Then they answer the remaining questions of the participants in a round of talk. The number of participants in the webinar is limited to ensure an intense work and a lively exchange of experience. David Karp oftentimes addresses this issue. The participation is free of charge.

Are required only a Internet-enabled PC and a phone. Organization developer, interested (project) Manager and executives and staff can register until 20 November at the Machwurth team international.

Association Creativity

January 13th, 2015

As Fromm (1963) I would say the first phase is female, while the second, of hard work, is masculine. This is a common problem among creatives who rely too much on your right hemisphere and the left despise. With all this I give evidence that creativity needs everything the brain that is made manifest, not just a part. Another reason why creativity may not be used in a specific zone is because there are so many forms of creativity of intelligence. The psychologist Howard Gardner (1983,1993,1995) in his theory of multiple intelligences suggests that intelligence is not a unitary entity, but rather a collection of eight different intelligences. According to this perspective, people can be smart differently.

Therefore a musician would be intelligent differently to a writer and this would be an architect. Therefore, there would be multiple intelligences and each would be more gifted in one of them. Although I have my criticisms on this theory, I like to illustrate the case of creativity. As suggested by Gardner with intelligence, same thing happens with creativity, i.e., there is only one type of creativity. I, like Gardner, agree that there is only one type, but differ greatly in the number of them. Gardner gives us a number (eight) for then go to expand it as you are investigating, and sincerely I no longer know or where you are going. Learn more at this site: Tumblr. I do not commit such recklessness, in my view, and I will not give any, not fearing to be wrong in the issue, but because I am convinced that there are as many as the mind want and want.

If there is already a number we would be not talking about creativity. Creativity is thus reinvented itself and does not stop surprising us. Brain anywhere can be worthy of that spark, that Association of ideas, of that curiosity that is needed to ignite the creative fire. Any stimulus can be picked up by our senses, and we know that there is a distinct part in our brain to pick up those stimuli depending on our direction receiver. Finally, the most important reason of all. Here is where the expert breathe calm and the neophyte is surprised, but going beyond: creativity can not be found in the brain territory because it is simply not. And it is not that it is not for nothing in particular, it is not because creativity is not a thing material, is a clever way of thinking. And this makes us realize that being a smart way of thinking, cannot be reduced to a specific part, and therefore need whole brain in order to comply with the entire creative process.

Council General

January 12th, 2015

The prices other gauges are still adjusting also indicate that the adjustment in prices is not complete. This Tuesday, the appraiser Tinsa ensured free house prices recorded in may year on year fall of 5.9%, compared to 4.4% recoil from April, and stood at the level of prices in May 2005. Also the month of may of the real estate index data, indicate that the average price of housing in second hand in Spain is situated in 2,203 euros per square meter (/ m2), representing a decrease of 0.5% compared to the price for the month of April. According Fotocasa, if we analyse the evolution of prices so far this year, there is an accumulated fall of 2.3%, while if analyzed the past twelve months (calculated interannual variation may of 2010 to May 2011), the accumulated fall is 5.5%. Sales fall, increase foreclosures therefore, is not surprising that home sales has fallen to historic lows. Whoever can buy is waiting for prices to fall more. According to the INE, the sale of homes fell 29.7% in April compared to a year earlier, to register, with 24,100 operations, the lower figure of history of the National Statistical Institute, which began in 2007. And according to other official data of the Ministry of development, home sales fell 30.4% in the first quarter of the year compared to the same period of 2010, with 74.540 operations.

The crisis adds one more element to set, the darker photo: evictions marked an all-time high in the first quarter. According to the Council General of the judiciary, the families evicted in the first quarter of the year were 15.491, an all-time high. In the beginning of the crisis, in 2008, evictions were just about 5,000. The eviction procedures initiated in the Spanish courts in the first quarter were 36.3% more than the same period of the previous year. Source of the news: the price of housing already adds three consecutive years of falls

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