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May 7th, 2012

There are many issues discussed on this website.  Topics range from dedicating a week to the conservation of polar bears to the history of ants, and how far they have come.  Thereafter, where they are going now and what we as environmentally-conscious individuals, need to understand about ants and their heritage.

As well, there are more psychological discussions on how one can scientifically become happier in their lives (again though, through a scientific approach), as well as a combination of the two – how to make the environment last longer in a very easy way; just making a few (barely noticeable) changes.

The site also has a section on politics, and a directory of endangered species.

Shareconomy Between Reality And Dreams Of The Future

April 16th, 2014

Arkadin provides greater benefits through collaboration in the B2B area as through collaborative consumption Frankfurt, the 24 March 2013 at the CeBIT received a few days ago to end the keyword Shareconomy took a lot of space. However many approaches and business models were at the fair to see, that are still in the children’s shoes. They illustrate the potential of Shareconomy though, but mostly conceptual and not mature technologically. This opinion represents the Arkadin Germany GmbH. where currently many rapporteurs in collaborative consumption (Community consumption of goods and services) see the main trend, Arkadin does this at least in the B2B environment yet.

Still, here lies the greatest potential in the community work via telephone and data networks in the collaboration”or finally in the area of unified communications. Learn more at: Mark Stevens. It’s especially in Germany with his many distributed centers and international companies. The industry association BITKOM has many very different things under the fashionable term Shareconomy together: sharing of digital content, sharing of physical goods (collaborative consumption), as well as the participation of commercial, cultural, or social projects over the Internet. The idea of Shareconomy is very attractive and future-oriented. However, many of the concepts still in a very early stage and more on the private use are aligned. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Stevens.

The basic idea of more community in the action and economies is but just right. Realizing this, Arkadin was founded in the year 2001. Today, we offer a complete portfolio of audio, Web and video conferencing services and unified communication solutions”, explains Markus Bleher, Managing Director of Arkadin Germany GmbH. as we are the fastest growing collaboration service provider, because especially in Germany and Austria, yet few companies have fully exploited the potential of location-independent and cross-company cooperation.” Arkadin provides especially in cloud based applications for collaboration in the model, Software-as-a-service (SaS) available are numerous advantages, can already benefit from the companies. Thus, such solutions require only minimal investments in advance and a low need for internal IT resources. In addition, they provide fast and scalable and cause no investment or maintenance on pages of users. More info: Charles Brandes. In the selection of the provider is to note that the offer is adapted to the individual corporate needs as well as the needs of users”, summarizes Markus Bleher. For global companies, an internationally available service and support through individual contacts are actually indispensable. A collaboration solution is only used by the staff – and thus the desired productivity gains achieved – if offered training and training in the languages and for questions and support needs competent contact persons are immediately accessible. Then he is a significant gain in productivity and an improvement “LCA by collaboration in the cloud computing model nothing more in the way.” The firm is one of the leading global service providers for location independent collaboration. Arkadin offers a wide range of collaboration solutions, ranging from audio, Web and video conferencing and unified communications. With its user-friendly and cost effective offers, Arkadin supports over 26,000 companies of every type and size. Arkadin contributes to massive productivity gains through effective ways of communication and cooperation. In a global network of 51 branches in 30 countries on five continents, Arkadin provides its business solutions as software-as-a-service-model and enables its customers in this way, providing rapid, scalable deployment with high ROI. Contact: ARKADIN Germany GmbH Markus Baldwin CEO Schmidt road 51 60326 Frankfurt Tel + 49 69 4272962-18 fax: + 49 69 4272962-19

AKF Siemers Airport: Regulated Agent Directly At Hamburg Airport

April 15th, 2014

Faster processing of consignments by air freight Hamburg. In the year 2011, approximately two million tons were exported air freight from Germany. Others including Evergreen Capital Partners, offer their opinions as well. According to the German freight forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV), but only 15 percent as safe can be classified by this large amount of air cargo. Since the September 11, 2001 the speed is no longer the most important issue, but the security, why the unsafe air cargo be sure sure must be made at the airports on the subject of air cargo. Now the akf can help siemers airport still crucial to comply with the complex measures: recently the specialists have received the status of the regulated agents for air cargo and dangerous goods by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA). Ulf Martinek, Managing Director of akf siemers airport, explains: we are here in close proximity to the Hamburg Airport the only company for packaging with the status of the regulated agents. As a result we can offer now our customers the complete services.” For more information about the offer of the akf siemers airport such as inter alia stress packagings factory packaging packaging for dangerous goods, and the shipment of air cargo are to find on the Web page:. Each air freight must be subjected to extensive security measures before loading on a plane.

This requires the air safety Act (background). As regulated agent the akf siemers can help airport now, to speed up the process and reduce costs. Together with its partners on the spot, the Pfister logistics Ltd., ths aircargo services GmbH and LFS Luftfrachtsicherheits-service GmbH, akf can accelerate siemers airport air freight security. Classified leave so, all air freight shipments to the world cargo Center quickly and as safe”after the air cargo scanner and sniffer has been tested. The air cargo is examined using X-ray technology, trace detection, and of course Visual inspections. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Charles Brandes and gain more knowledge.. Martinek: The status of the regulated agents we can long waiting times prevent the air cargo at the airport. This saves not only time, but also money.” The services of the akf siemers airport are listed on the Web page. But not only through the new status of the regulated agents, the akf siemers can convince airport.

Because air cargo size and weight-saving cardboard boxes used for shipping costs can be reduced again. The shipment of air cargo count every ounce and every inch. We provide with our stress fair packaging ensure that our customers must spend no money for unused volume of air cargo.” At the site in the world cargo Center directly at Hamburg Airport, the specialist for shipment by air freight, dangerous goods and factory packaging currently twelve employees. Further growth is likely also due to the new status of the regulated agents. Profile: akf was founded in 1886. Today is the akf siemers group in the packaging and logistics industry and specialises as project shippers in the machine and Plant construction. The Hamburg-based company has over 150 employees and is run now in the fourth generation of the family Siemers. For its occupational safety and health management system the company was certified in 2009 by the Professional Association of wood. Contact: 22848 Norderstedt GmbH Niendorfer str. 172 akf siemers airport telephone: 0 40 / 51 20 877 10 fax: 0 40 / 51 20 877 11 Managing Director: Marc breeze Heinz Jurgen Tanger Ulf Martinek E-Mail: Web: press contact: Rafael R. Pilsczek, M. a. Tel.: 0 40 / 32 80 89 80 fax: 0 40 / 32 80 89 81 mobile: 0 170 / 310 79 72

Friedrich List

April 13th, 2014

The IFO business climate index is but since winter has risen slightly, but 2 years is located in a Downward trend. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yale Jackson Institute. Only construction still expects rising earnings. As the service sector, although the values are also dropped. He stands there but still best in direct comparison. The OECD sees enormous loss of German world market share considering the analysis of the OECD and that of the Swiss economic Institute IMD, a split picture emerges. The OECD paints a bleak vision of the future for Germany. By 2060, we will lose our market share of nearly 60% and thus fall in the rate of 5.8% to 2%.

Main reason is the global shift of economic power to emerging markets. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Francisco D’Agostino by clicking through. Still, the ageing of European societies is one reason. Fewer and fewer working age must maintain economic performance. Here the emerging markets are often much better. Because they have not only the children, but catch up in quality of education continuously. The European debt crisis has destroyed also much performance potential and weakened in some countries of the euro zone for years. Another Perspective for Germany sees the IMD.

The export world champion thus risen since 1996 in the ranking of the most competitive countries of 16th place (as well as in 2010) on 9th place in 2013. Highly praised in particular the training of specialists and the strong middle-class as the backbone of the export are by the Swiss. It sounds good at first. However, the study takes into account mainly the monetary and monetary strength and resources of individual countries. Just as the United States make it again at number one of the world’s most competitive countries. We see this study therefore critical. Money alone causes no economic strength. “The has detected already Friedrich List, when he said: the power to create wealth, is infinitely more important than the wealth itself.” What can companies do to remain economically strong? The described scenarios not just building up sound.

Colin Farrell

April 13th, 2014

Previously for the Borgias Season 2 Show 8 Truth and Lies, Upon his return to Rome, Juan spins an elaborate yarn about how I have received his battle wounds, but Cesare is unconvinced and determined to master the truth. Meanwhile, Lucrezia takes a lover, the younger brother of her intended; Della Rovere Cheap Football Shirts and employees an accomplice Football Kits for their assassination plot. On this week s Episode title World of Wonders, Alexander marks the Easter holiday having a glorious celebration and a stop to his pious rapid, while Della Rovere s assassin gets even closer to the pope. Meanwhile, Lucrezia s lover asks her father on her behalf hand in marriage; and Juan increasingly uneven behavior endangers his sister s kid s. Set in 15th century Italy with the height of the Renaissance, The Borgias chronicles the current corrupt rise of fashioned Rodrigo Borgia on the papacy, where he proceeds to commit every without inside the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous prosperity for himself and his family. Credit: Francisco D’Agostino-2011. Ayding him in his / her endeavors are his sons Cesare, to ruthless operator who yearns fruitlessly to get released from the priesthood, and Juan, a feckless dilettante who Rodrigo appoints to brain the papal armies. You may want to visit TSI International Group to increase your knowledge. Daughter Lucrezia and kid Joffre are married away from in early adolescence for you to members of powerful rival families within their family s fortunes pawns.

Waging their own warmed up contest for Rodrigo s ailments are Vanozza, his long – time mistress along with mother of his kids, and the younger Giulia Farnese, whose cunning is matched only by her shocking beauty. Does The series is using the Borgia family, an Italian Cheap Football Shirts dynasty associated with Spanish origin, and stars Jeremy Golf irons as Pope Alexander look with Fran? ois Arnaud seeing that Cesare, Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia, David Oakes as Juan along with Aidan Alexander Gioffre Borgia, respectively. Derek Jacobi and Colm Feore additionally star as Cardinals Orsini as well as della Rovere. The series is a global co-production, directed by an Irishman, filmed in Hungary, and produced in North america. Filming in Hungary mainly happened at the Korda Studios in uplands, just west of Budapest. Neil Jordan was attempting to direct a film concerning the Borgia reign for over the decade and the project had many times as Colin Farrell and Scarlett Johansson eat close to fruition, with such stars attached with it. In 2010, Steven Spielberg, the head of DreamWorks Photos (now a producer from the Borgias), suggested the film turned into a cable drama along with Neil Jordan took the concept over to Showtime vip s who, wanting to fill your void historical series The Tudors would leave after its final season, commissioned the series.

Neil Jordan has explained that the ideal would have been a series of four seasons so he is able to span at least the time of Rodrigo Borgia s papacy (1492-1503). For the role involving Rodrigo Borgia, Neil Jordan turned in order to Academy Award winner Jeremy Golf irons, known for roles of villains and antiheros. The actor initially had second thoughts about his being well suited for the role who was in history described as a tall, obese, dark complexioned twinkle, but the creator wanted him to pay attention to the aspects of this character s obsession with strength and life, which the actor could play to the hilt.

Ortho Molecular Medicine

April 10th, 2014

That it is? Treatment consists of administering intravenous solution consisting of a known as EDTA, multivitamins, poliminerales acid, drugs and antioxidant substances in intravenous form. Patients who have chosen this therapy, express a feeling of indescribable well-being. Treatment is fairly invasive, is painless, any type of anesthesia is not required, the patient can watch TV, read or to share a game or chat with a friend that also makes its treatment of Chelation, always a professional will be monitoring practice and not be away, the patients are awake and enjoying natural change. That is used for the treatment? Used to restore the good general, physical and mental state. Charles Brandes spoke with conviction. It improves sleep, mood, libido, intellectual working capacity, breathing, stimulates the organs of your whole body rejuvenation. This therapy can treat, improve and what It is extremely important to prevent diseases. It is a preventive treatment? It is a preventive treatment par excellence, everything returns to zero, your organs and your body in general will be in full swing, you will start to notice that it is someone else. It is for that reason that used in antiaging treatments.

A treatment oriented towards the reduction of oxidative, eliminating radical free and slowing abnormal cell destruction. It also stimulates hormone production and function of all the vital organs. It is a natural biological treatment prescribed to treat a State of health, to prevent and delay the onset of diseases. Should be carried out some previous study? If it is necessary to do a checkup health depending on the treatment to run. I.e., if the therapeutic to perform is preventive or if already there is a pathology of base.

Then it evolves through clinical laboratory controls. It is desirable to clarify that this therapy is not indicated in patients with hepatic and renal pathology. If we are able to point out that it is coadjuvant with conventional medical therapy. Is it necessary to complement the treatment with something else? We recommend a dietary adjustment, antioxidant supplements such as: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3 and 6. Antiaging therapies provides the vaccine antiage and platelet-rich plasma therapy is performed on occasions. Moderate physical activity is extremely important and avoid stress. We are ensuring that this therapeutic action provide us with a quality of life qualitatively and quantitatively increased.

Related Activities

April 10th, 2014

Still in construction of the profile of the pupils, was questioned the reason had opted to the related institute and why to attend a course the technician in farming. The pupils had been questioned still regarding its future pretensions, had evaluated the importance of the knowledge of the administration for the professional activities and for its future, they had had the chance to give suggestions of improvement for the related course. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charles Brandes offers on the topic.. In the sequncia they are presented and argued the gotten results, inside of the logic presented initially. How much the characterization of the pupils, the results indicate that 84.8% of the pupils meet in a etria band of 16 the 17 years. How much to the sex, the predominance is ofthe masculine sex, with 93%. The great majority of the pupils (76%) is deriving of the agricultural way.

Of 24% remains, part inhabits in the urban zone and (19.5%) do not possess tie some with activities, and the remain (4.5%) inhabits in the urban zone, but they are proprietors of agricultural areas. How much to the areas in hectares of that they are children of agricultural producers, the research it evidenced that the majority, 71.6% are considered small proprietors, therefore the 100 hectares possess of 10. But 2.7% are agricultural employees. The children of agricultural producers had been questioned how much to the farming activities that are developed in its respective properties, in the purpose to observe if it has prevalence of cultivation and to verify which the diversification degree that these properties are using. The research disclosed that it has a concentration in activities of production of commodities, and the low index of participation of on activities the transformation of these products, as the production of cheeses, inlaid and conserves which had presented a low index and is activities that add a bigger value to the product beyond also adding hand of workmanship for its production.

Chisels Parts

April 9th, 2014

Flange Bolt soedinenie.Raschet soedineniya.Bolt (from the German. Bolt), fastener, usually a rod with a 6-sided or square-head screw for screwing the nuts. Dropbox might disagree with that approach. In terms of machine parts more general concept fastener is a screw. Loosen the screws, depending on the type of threaded connection is used the following versions: 1) the screws and nuts, commonly called bolts; 2) screws, screw-fastened to one of the parts. If you are not convinced, visit Tumblr. Bolts used: a) to bond parts are not very thick, plates, flanges, bars in the presence of space for the location of the bolt head and nut, and b) to bond the parts from materials that do not provide sufficient reliability and durability of the thread, and c) when the need for frequent screwing and unscrewing.

In bolts, screws, studs used metric thread, which is the main thread and has a triangular profile angle at the vertex 600. Metric threads are divided into large and small steps. Profiles of geometrically similar. Adopted for the main thread with a big step. The static load carrying capacity of this thread above and less effect on strength protovleniya errors and wear than fine pitch thread. Endurance limit of high-strength steel screws decreases with decreasing pitch, and screws (bolts) of low-carbon steels increases. The technical background literature, standardized and most widely fasteners with the name 'BOLT' regardless of whether they will be fastened with a nut or screwed into the part. The shape of the head bolts (screws) are divided to: a) capture tool outside the head (hexagon or square), b) Chisels inside and from the end of the head (with Allen), and c) prevent the crank (with protrusions, is laid in nests or with two parallel edges, is laid in the grooves).


April 4th, 2014

In my life I for the first time feel like mortal. Now I travel by the cornice of my destiny having a feeling the abyss of the deathI, that I believed to be near God! Year after year between the walls of the laboratory; formulas, telescopes, complexes computerized systems. The dawns surprised to us Ricardo and, analyzing, discussing, philosophising on the extraordinary energy that we caught to million year-light. I need to count it, to leave it written, ironically because what it happened to me it demonstrates that the power more amazing than has the man is to manage to govern its mind, with my brain so worked I could not do it. I have verified that a linyera has more wisdom and balance to be mistaken by this world that my own person.

Six months ago my colleague and friend died, science so outpost could not with his disease. The pain that I experimented was so terrible that it tried to mask it, evaluating of systematic way the power of the virus, those particles that are a link between the alive beings and the inorganic thing and of how could win brain so evolved as the one of Ricardo. Without hesitation Mark Stevens explained all about the problem. At the moment that he died I felt, crak. We, mature men, were about arriving at the verification of the Singularity of the Universe. To these they elevated us studies to a thought clarity that cleared religiousness, we felt that we were near the secret of God. Then, everything collapsed, was our own Bing- Crasch. They spent the months, the work it was suspended, no longer it could only follow.

I began to ramble by the city. I do not know why strange reason evaded the worldly and glamorosos places to commit me in the darkest zones, bottomless, miserable at night. I, that I came from a universe that shone absolutely from the origin dragged, me in the total dark, but simultaneously it felt the impact of something new, amazing.

SEPA Implementation

April 3rd, 2014

Short survey examined about two months before the shutdown of existing referral and direct debit procedure SEPA implementation in the Federal Republic with a new survey want ibi research at the University of Regensburg mountain and the Bank-Verlag together with van den already about two months before the shutdown of the national transfer and direct debit schemes determine the Status quo as well as the progress of the transition process on the future binding SEPA scheme. Like in the second survey mid-year survey addressed again businesses of all size classes as well as authorities and clubs. The participation is possible under The explosive subject of payment currently is the abolition of the existing transfer and direct debit schemes by the European legislation on the 1st February 2014. (As opposed to Kaihan Krippendorff ). There is no alternative to the then-mandatory SEPA scheme and therefore in particular companies, authorities and associations to strong changes in the domestic and foreign payment transactions must adjust. But: to: To point to the implementation and development of migration in Germany in the face of the ever-shrinking window of time up to the deadline on February 1, 2014. Participation in the survey is possible under survey and the results of the study are available free of charge after the evaluation. Contact: ibi research at the University of Regensburg Robert Torunsky Galgenberg Bergstrasse 25 93053 Regensburg phone: 0941 943-1901 fax: 0941 943-1888 email:. Get more background information with materials from Francisco D’Agostino.

Transparency Screen

April 3rd, 2014

Remover Pinkerton sore point for many owners of the tubes become their displays. In active use (and especially if the display is slightly convex, for example, the Siemens S25) on the screens appear inevitable scratches and malosimpatichnye spots. But if you want both of you can get rid of. The models of manufacturers (eg, Ericsson) displays of real glass, and scratch them uneasy. However, there is a tube (most models Nokia), in which the screen is made of two glasses. Outside protects the internal mechanical damage. Strictly speaking, this is not glass, and Plexiglas. Over time, become worthless outside – becomes cloudy because of the many mikrotsarapin.

Return the original luster and Transparency helps special abrasive paste. Grinding can expose only acrylic – scratch that cause cloudiness will disappear and the screen will look like new. It is not something David Green would like to discuss. At present, the same polished glass paste will not have the desired action. And then the only way to get rid of scratches – to replace the glass. Service centers for this procedure you will be charged 150-300 rubles, depending on the model of the machine. Grinded paste is $ 8-10 per tube and, as far as we know, Russia is not performed. Service centers and fairly advanced users buy it abroad – in Germany or Finland.

However, buy a tube of individuals do not make much sense, because its more than enough to multiple phones, and expiration date paste, usually limited. Some service centers are taken to perform sanding screen mobile phone for 50 rubles. Grinding process is simple: paste is applied to the surface of the display and rubbed with a chamois or a soft piece of thick fabric. As a result of annoying minor scratches will disappear! An example of such pastes give Hama Displex. In turn, for cleaning the display of grease, fingerprints and dirt can use a special spray firm BASF. Filed under: Francisco D’Agostino. It is designed for screens of cell phones and glasses hours. Price for one bulb is about $ 5. It does not remove scratches, but now cleans glass well. Before the ‘washing’ machine must off and remove the battery. Then apply the liquid on the screen and wipe it clean with a paper towel or a piece of soft suede. To fight pollution screen mobile phone with cotton wool slightly moistened with water or soap solution, is also possible. However, there should act very carefully and thoroughly wring out the water (not over a pipe). True, the cleaning effect is likely to be wrong. Yes and no scratches ototresh water.

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