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The Enterprise

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

It is important to know the right enterprise the right is due to know social because the right is due to know family or familiar right and the enterprise labor enterprise or right labor. One should also know straight enterprise are due to know their sources, between which we can mention the enterprise legislation, it indoctrinates enterprise, enterprise custom, enterprise social reality, manifestation of will of the enterprise right, enterprise jurisprudence, executory enterprise, general principles of the right, especficos principles of the enterprise right, values, among others sources or parts or elements of the enterprise right, that is to say, these are not all, but they are known, we mentioned which them to have them in account and not to forget that the right is not a set of norms.

it is important to know straight enterprise we must know the enterprise legislation, or jurdicas norms enterprise, between which we can mention the general law of societies, cdigo of commerce, cdigo civil, cdigo penal, cdigo procedural civilian, constitution, law of the stock market, general law of the competing system, law of ttulos values, law of the individual company of limited responsibility, regulation of the registry of societies, moving law of garanta, law of banks, among others norms. Understand straight enterprise we must know the doctrine enterprise, within which it corresponds to mention Daniel Brown’s titled the company in the modern right, the book of titled Pinkas Flint straight enterprise, the book of Teresa de titled Jesus straight of the company, the straight enterprise book of the author of the present which appears in some libraries and tambin hung in some pginas of Internet or of the Web. Thus a thing is to know part the enterprise right and another thing is to know its essence or all elements.

Discrimination Miguelito

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Miguelito Miguelito was eleven years old when we met. He was a lanky boy, intelligent and fun. He lived in a shantytown with his family in what is now the M-30 Madrid, near the pool Estella. A steep slope separating them from the cottage of my parents. They raised rabbits in wooden boxes surrounded by wire, and the occasional chicken. Someone had drawn a line from one of the pirate utility poles until they were caught and cut off the wires. They had to return to the "carbide", with that unmistakable smell that clung to your clothes, poor mining flame giving life to their homes.

We became friends playing in the same field on the sheep's uncle passed Venancio, as in the towns of the province. Linear City was a large village in those days. There were bricks stacked next to a field of grain, and a dead pig which rotted away for weeks. Miguelito sparrows and thrushes caught with rubber and some simple trap, due to their own cunning. I asked him why he hunted.

"In rice are delicious," she said with a smile. I realized that they ate! For me it was a revelation. Sparrows and blackbirds only exist in my universe to be looked at and listen to their songs, never to be fried. He asked me about school and things of every day what we were taught, the atmosphere during breaks, the fights between boys and homework. Miguel went to school only until age nine.