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Friday, July 19th, 2013

Everything is so easy when we’re children there are no problems, we do not have difficulty in passing a new day since everything felt so safe. When we grow up we learn that now yes we must raise us alone each stumbling blocks that we have in life, but how to do it? That is something that no one knows, we experience it as the years pass and we never finished it do because life is a constant learning process in which ever you will be entirely wise to save you from all the obstacles that await us on the long road. In adolescence it hurts even the slightest things and perhaps time would say that it is when we believe that we can not rise alone and more when we are aware that people who love us not may be falling off with us when our State of mind this floor because of this sometimes got to feel very bad and for a long time because we feel obliged to remain silent; our pain alone, we think even that nobody wants us, that nobody helps us understand us or maybe that the people you are trying to help us get tired and decides to leave us to a side suffering alone. But the truth is that every human being has the illusion of finding that person who help us, how to find someone who really cares about us and decide to help us persistently? Aceves believe find it but I would say that the perfect person never came because we will never find the conformity in anything as it usually happens in humans. Although at times it hurts us to hear the frasecita one is only born and dies only! sometimes can become us useful, who better than us to decide what so low or so high we want to go, I have no doubt that we need people to have an emotional stability but that those people are not nor 80% of the engine that we need to direct our lives. Original author and source of the article.

White Magic

Friday, July 12th, 2013

As a rule the spells for the love are spells of white magic, are it also the spells that reconquer a loved being who has moved away, the enchantments to obtain the fidelity in the pair, to make friendship, to make sure loyalty a person, for the success in the studies, in the businesses, to attract the abundance, in conclusion: all spell that has like unique aim the good. The white magic is the philosophy or the ethics of the magic, because the spells that are realised use or and to help the fellow, to attract the love, the luck and the success and never to damage, to hurt or to invoke negative events towards no alive being. We can say, without fear to mistake to us, that the subtle changes that realise the diverse cultures, will not affect the results if it is counted on vehement desire, the faith in the own one to be able and the sufficient knowledge that it guides at the time of knowing to us what must or is not due to do in order to avoid adverse effects. The rituals, enchantments or spells of white magic vary much everywhere of the world, because they depend to a great extent in the lessons that have been transmitted of parents to children or teachers to initiates. We see, for example, many similarities in the rituals from an end to another one of the planet, in which one or the other word has been varied, a change in the talisman or the involved deity, etc.

have been realised. He is natural that thus happens, because each culture will find the power in the deity that is to him familiar and not for that reason it will stop being effective the spell. Another one of the factors to consider is the responsibility before the effects, that soon is very difficult to revert. For example, to attract a person who soon we realize that is not as we believed and that will be very difficult soon to move away it; to obtain an employment that does not satisfy us nevertheless and we will have to fight with him day after day. For that reason he is recommendable before realising any spell, or white magic the money to meditate the step very well that we are going to give, to deliberate with we ourself and to determine if that is what truly it agrees to us. Original author and source of article.

Economic Depression Consumption

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

The sprouting and the fast diffusion of the consumption society if had given to leave of the end of World War II, in 1945. In this period, the United States had reached an extraordinary economic platform what it stimulated the industries to invest in the production of consumption good, making possible, thus, the propagation of a new standard of behavior of the society, American as not only world-wide, that it started to see in the United States the society model that if would like to be part. Thus, the United States that had suffered with the Economic Depression of 1920 and had passed for World War II had arrived at years 50 representing only 6% of the world-wide population, but consuming 1/3 of the products produced in all the Planet. In such way it is that if it perceives that even so if praises the American model of based life in the consumerism, the reality is in agreement Gonalves Port praises in its workmanships, that is, that this is mathematically impossible to be reached, therefore does not have enough resources so that the whole world consummates as they. One sees, then, that this model of society is rank to only stimulate the consumption of the underdeveloped countries that stop arriving at the North American standard they fall in the trap of the consumerism and the discarding, living to work and to consume the industrialized products that enrich each time plus that Country. But in years 60 it is that they start to appear refuting movements that had started to alert the people concerning the contradictions between the said progress and of the risks of the insustentabilidade in the indiscriminate use of the natural resources with sights to take care of the consumption necessities. It is in this period that the idea of finitude of the natural resources is faced by the society. .

The Narrative Self A Trip From Modern Philosophy Up To The Cognitive Sciences

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Introduction in this work include some conceptions that arose within modern philosophy that are considered representative of the way in which the topic of itself, until it reaches the contributions of contemporary philosophers who abandoned the traditional way in which this topic has been addressed leaning by a new interpretation which is called I narrative has dealt. From the philosophical point of view, it starts with Descartes and his interpretation of itself as res cogitans and culminate with Paul Ricoeur with his interpretation of itself as interlaced in the narratives of others. In this sense, the itself would be not seen already as an abstract point of convergence but as something more concrete but offset. This is expected to provide a succinct overview of how the theme within Western philosophy has arisen. However, the work will not stop in the descriptive aspect and phenomenological but which will analyse the phenomenon of self explanatory hypothesis from the contributions of psychology, neuroscience and the cognitive sciences, since the ultimate purpose of this work is rehearsing an explanatory hypothesis I narrative (1) from these last ones. This hypothesis, broadly speaking, points out that the self narrative is a form of cognition of itself mediated by the social environment, i.e., is a situated cognition that functions as a mechanism to negotiate with that environment. The self and the question of what is discussed below three modern authors whose perspectives on the self can be placed within the interest by revealing its essence as substance or thing itself. Is within this interest that the problem of self is confined to the problem of answering what is the self? Responses from the authors differ in description and certain qualities that are attributed to the same if, however, all of them are wrestling with the task of demonstrating the ability to admit or reject its existence as a real entity.