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Charles Bouchard

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

According to NATO, the use of attack helicopters offers additional flexibility to locate the Qadhafi’s forces. The British attacked during this Saturday two goals of loyalists to the Libyan leader. The Apaches are designed to pursue and destroy tanks. The French helicopertos attacked a score of ground targets. NATO used this Saturday in Libya, for the first time, attack helicopters against vehicles and military equipment as well as land of the Gaddafi regime forces, reported the organization in a statement. We will continue with the use of these of these assets where and when necessary with the same precision as in all our missions, said the Commander of operation j unified guard, lieutenant general Charles Bouchard. According to NATO, the use of attack helicopters provides additional flexibility to its operations to track and locate the forces proGadafi that deliberately use civilians and try to hide in areas populated.

Participation of France and United Kingdom the British Apaches attacked during the night of Friday to Saturday two objectives of the forces loyal to the regime of Colonel Gadafi near the Libyan city of Brega, as he confirmed the Ministry of Dnsa. Helicopters took off from the warship HMS Ocean, stationed off the Libyan coast, and returned to its base after serving the entrustment. They followed with their missiles a radar and a checkpoint of Qadhafi’s forces and destroyed both goals, according to source British. The operation also involved French helicopters type Gazelle, who intervened in the attack of a score of ground targets, according to the official communique of the greater State of the Gallic army, which stipulates that the action was coordinated with British helicopters. French appliances were supported by ctive of the gala National Navy, the source added. Equipping of the Apache the Apache are specially designed to pursue and destroy battle tanks operating at altitudes lower than using fighter aircraft Tornado and Typhoon, which NATO takes some time in Libya, and are therefore more vulnerable to enemy fire. Each helicopter is armed with Hydra rockets, Hellfire missiles and a cannon of the caliber 30 mm underneath the fuselage, between the front wheels. It also has a team of sensors in the nose for the search and designation of targets as well as night vision. Source of the news: NATO first used attack helicopters in Libya

Urban Cycling Shoes

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

We are going to talk today about a strange shoe. He is not fashion, nor heel boots, shoes do not. It is O_O cyclist shoes. I want to talk about them today because I was greatly surprised developments that have had. In principle, and until recently very little time just were usable to roll on a bike, since it was practically impossible to walk with them due to the sprain hardness of your sole. I remember my brother-in-law walking like a duck with his cycling set.

It has been popularized the use of mountain bike in extreme conditions, and many times kept mounted, is practically impossible. At that time the need arose for riding a bike and a versatile shoe that serve both to trekking. And don’t you think that are solely functional horrendous slippers, that goes!. Designs very cared for and updated already I’ve seen more than one urbanite look with his jeans by streets. They are also very usable if you have an urban, these small and folding bike to, for example, go to college or work. I really liked that they are the Specialized Taho. They weigh less than 900 gr. and it has lace-up closure protected by velcro so they are not pinched in the dishes of the bike.

They have threads for the coves of the pedals. Not me tell that are not cool. Another model, rather more ugly, to my taste are the mavic alpine: the technical features are similar, or even higher in the mavic, but in design wins by a landslide the Specialized. An intermediate model between the first design and fea the last functionality are these shimano MT60 Gore-Tex, which made model addition for mountain bike are ideal for these days egg (by water) we are experiencing. What was previously a very specific and only usable footwear in its field, has become athletic shoes that can be used as casual fashion original author and source of the article.

Albert Niemann

Monday, September 9th, 2013

vii Is important to leave clearly that so far in we relate to the plant or the leaf to them, whose effect in the organism is not compared with the effect stimulant of its active principle, the cocaine. It was only in 1860 that German chemistry Albert Niemann, it isolated the pure active principle, or the main alkali, that was called of cocaine viii. At the beginning the cocaine appeared as a great advance for medicine. Beyond stimulant, he was used as anaesthetic. The discovery of the cocaine was published in the main medical magazines, as much of the Europe as of the United States; an incapable product was about secondary damages.

The cocaine was used for the treatment of the depression, tooth aches, throat, in oftalmolgicas surgeries and treatment of chemical dependence. Also it has stories of cure of the dependence of the opium through the cocaine. ix In the second half of century XIX, starts to appear in the pharmaceutical market, the first products the base of the cocaine leaf or with the active principle, the cocaine. Amongst these products we have: tablets to alliviate to dental pains, tonic and alcoholic beverages and not-alcoholic. Amongst these products, the Wine of Mariani Cocaine is distinguished, that stimulated the manufacture of Coca-Cola, developed for the North American boticrio John Stith Pemberton. x Pemberton (1831-1888) was a boticrio, owner of a pharmacy in Atlanta, had invented a called tonic French Wine Glue, that was constituted to the base of alcohol and leves of cocaine and glue nut xi, similar to the wine of Mariani cocaine, much appreciated in the Europe. The problem was that the Mariani wine was constituted basically of the wine of Bordeux, that if becomes expensive in the United States. Of this form, Pembertom decided to remove of the formula the wine. xi Coca-Cola, as came to be called, was vendida as plus one of ' ' milagrosos' ' tonics to fight a series of males as the nervous chronic headache, depressions, loss of heart and indisposio xiii.