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Jesus Christ

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Or they me, that in the talks. Because the shares everything is different. Respect your own, if they do not respect mine ignore them. Because I am aware that I have dogmatized and pleasing because their actions do not practice. If they do not practice I consider myself lucky mine because the opposing parties are necessary. For the truth is not owned by men, and how of God. I speak the absolute truth.

That is why I love Israel. Because a religion having been born there so obvious … … … .. You can find all kinds of Israeli Jews.

Ie scientists, mathematicians, biologists, philosophers, chemists, physicists and of course religious. This is wonderful. Well, have not been dogmatized, to follow only the religion. And valleys that have advanced greatly. If I am asked about the war in the Middle East I can only reply that this work is not such an issue because it will be treated elsewhere in space and time. My teacher Jesus Christ has taught me not to be dogmatic and I thank you with all my heart. As a man that I must accept other realities. I hold my belief in Jesus Christ and science, each his own, and respect. Because we know that life is a melody composed by elections. Everyone is free when you take your own choice. If men want to follow my teacher because of my example is his choice. If you want to despise him because of my sins is your choice.

French Foreign Legion

Monday, July 11th, 2016

I started to swim with more objetividade, to practise sports of fight and survey of weight, with the intention to eliminate the acquired unreliability. I was soldade, and until I had the desire to sign up me in the French Foreign Legion. Later, then more confident, I obtained a job in the Campaign of Erradiucao of the Malaria, and was to work in the field, the border of the Cear with the Piaui, enter snakes, gypsies, indians, rivers of great volume and tracks of ounces. It was there that I started to feel adult to me. But the sensation of being child would not abandon me, easily. Still today, it has moments where, involuntary unconsciously resurge me the habit, inertial, of some immature behavior.

This has caused me enormous prejudices, also in the professional field. Until recently, not even I understood that everything was sequelas of a suffered infancy. Disria that, when preventing strategically, a set of males to the physical body, would have opted, freely, for a confrontation with other forms of the evil, where if the envy and the jealousy sobressaem. The question is: it would have, this option, been correct, or a contravention to the law of God? For the light spirit that was not identified, ‘ ‘ a man can be born in a penosa position and difficult, necessarily for he compels to look it to it the ways to win the difficulties. The mrido one consists of supporting without lamentation the consequncias of males that if they cannot prevent, in perseverar in the fight, in not despairing itself if he will not be successful, but not in a negligence that would be laziness more than what virtude’ ‘.

Live Video Streaming

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Now I am reminded of the way in different periods of life, I tried to convince some people to accept one or another global solution. I vividly remember making these vivid personality had such a huge influence on me and my subsequent elections. And that certainly – all of these individuals were very intelligent, vibrant, emotional, expressive, confident in what they say and show. Business strategist/Lecturer is often quoted as being for or against this. As a result, I have them turned at once full contact! Thus, for What I have just told the story of my life? Just for you to understand one crucial thing The more you have opportunities and channels to deliver their information, their emotions and yourself as a person to other people, the more successful the result is the presentation and your intention to share something important and really useful to your target audience! If you do not have the opportunity to meet personally with your prospects and customers, with your readers, fans and admirers, it is the video format solves this problem as efficient and effective way! Well, considering the important point that I have focused exclusively on private e-commerce (business via the Internet), the streaming live video becomes a real and unique breakthrough in solving your most lively communication with an unlimited number of their potential and real clients! So now we consider all the pros and cons of video streaming technology for you and your online business. Let's start with the advantages of streaming video: The most powerful and literally fantastic erasing distance and distrust of you by a potential customer! We are all real people Each of us has developed a standard way to interact with others, and this method is the main and most famous. .

River Jordan

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Do not resign but to take what belongs to us. Give the battle from the material world, impacting the spiritual dimension. Tout bond must be broken! to believe and act as the key to realizing the promises spiritual warfare has two very valuable foundation. The first believe the promises of God. You may want to visit Evergreen Capital Partners to increase your knowledge. The second act. They are closely linked.

That is why Joshua and the Israelites decided to move in that direction: to believe and act. Crossing the River Jordan was a first hurdle. God promised them that by taking possession, that is, when your feet touch the water, there would be a miracle. a when the soles of the priests who carry the ark of God, Lord of all the earth, to settle in the waters of Jordan, the waters of Jordan are divided, because the waters that come from the top will stop at a mountain.a (Joshua 3:13). a certainly must have been terrifying for many have before them the majesty of this great river. But what God Creian announced! So given the victory through what had been an enormous mass of water: a Oey pass that when the priests carrying the ark of the covenant of the LORD rose from the midst of Jordan, and soles of the priests were in a dry place, the waters of Jordan returned home, running as possible on all borders.a (Joshua 4:18) to your family, property, labor, industry living, the city and the nation, are for God.. Hear from experts in the field like David Karp for a more varied view.

Philosophical Knowledge

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

It would be enemy laziness and the acomodamento of the Philosophical knowledge? Ahead of the ample technological revolution the majority of the population has multiple easinesses in its day the day. Thus causing, laziness and the acomodamento of great part of the men to create its proper ideas. Why this event can be faced as a philosophical problem? (The philosophical problems are of critical, reflective and analytical knowledge). Until point the Internet can turn over against us? Here it is, our brief reflection. The computer, for example, in the ones of the innumerable capacities to perfect our knowledge technician who the bureaucratic works can demand.

However, the young and, even though adult, has used the technique to atrophy its proper brain, (for better agreement, must itself be taken in consideration the readings ' mecnicas' with sights uncertain the immediate results and at the same time). A classic example is leaning over in them on the works of pupils of education basic, average and university that is presented the professors. The legitimacy of them is one as much doubtful. Would be they developing its necessary knowledge? It has been antipedagogical vice to copy and glue (computer) other people’s works. Already he is not possible to believe piously that a journalist is Journalist, who a professor is Professor, whom a doctor is Doctor. It will be that the substances that they have the duty to dominate had been they had concluded who them? It would be easy to criticize only the pupils of basic education. The problem, is that majority of the professionals with graduation and after graduation when seats in ' chair of aluno' it has trend of if holding as pupils of inferior level. Also the Internet does not use of ethical form, therefore, they are not in a platform that if can serve of standard the children and pupils of the public or particular schools.