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The Elements

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Be aware that mathematics involve great efforts of humanity to understand itself and understand the universe we inhabit. There have been efforts, accomplishments, setbacks, breaks, imbalances and progress, it is necessary to bear in the mind of teachers. That is, mathematics is not infallible nor absolute, are historical products aimed at improving the understanding of human life. Consequently, proposed in the guidelines is important to note that the value of historical knowledge in addressing school mathematical knowledge is not to collect a series of anecdotes and curiosities to be presented occasionally in the classroom.

Knowledge of history can be enriching, among other things, to guide the understanding of ideas in a meaningful way, for example, instead of addressing the integers from a purely structural perspective, which came after thirteen centuries of maturation could be considered as those culminating moments in their development to provide more intuitive approaches to this concept, to highlight different forms of construction and reasoning, temporal and spatial framing the big ideas and problems with their grounds and precedents and to identify problems Open every day, its evolution and current status “.” (MEN, 1998: 16) Regarding the relationship between culture and mathematics, is to recognize that this science is in related to processes of meaning of culture in different historical moments and groups. For example, math base 20 of the Mayan culture, is related to the worldview of that culture and processes of calendar and time management on 13 moons or months of 28 days. It is therefore necessary to bear in mind that “that within this same perspective, students bring their own culture to the mathematics classroom and in turn the mathematical work from their own culture, the latter constituted by doing and the elements of its practice.

Musashi Miyamoto

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Along with his adopted son Iori, an orphan who had found in his travels, settled in Ogura in 1634. He never ever leaving the island of Kyushu. After six years in Ogura, Musashi was invited to spend time as a guest of Churi Hosokawa, lord of Kumamoto Castle. He spent some years with Lord Churi, during which time he taught and painted. In 1643 he retired to lead a hermit’s cave Reigendo, where he wrote the “Book of Five Rings” which was dedicated to his pupil Teruo Magonojo.

Finished writing the book a week before his death on May 19, 1645. His Cronica I climbed Mount Iwate, in the province of Higo province of Kyushu. Leaning against the sky, worshiping Kanon I stand in front of Buddha. I Shinmen Musashi no Kami, Fujiwara no Genshin, warrior born in the province of Harima, sixty years of age. .

I have dedicated my mind to the science of martial arts since I was young, long ago. She was thirteen when I had my first game. At that time I beat my opponent, a master of martial arts called Arima Kihei, a member of the New School for Precision. At sixteen, I beat a powerful martial arts master called Akiyama of Tajima province.

Tycho Brahe

Friday, August 19th, 2016

This thinker was a great astronomer, is a practical man, a scientist. Astronomy is a science loftily dignified. The so-called science of the stars, which studies the movement and the laws that govern them. We know of great astronomical discoveries which were made by the Babylonians, and later by the Chinese and Egyptians. And especially Tales Miletus, Anaximander and Pythagoras (sixth century BC) Aristotle and Aristarchus of Samos (S IV BC), Ptolemy (S II DC) and century (XVI) which Copernicus asserted that the sun was the fixed center of the planetary system. On this tour are eminent astronomers, including: Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Newton, Kant, Laplace, Herschel. Which reflect their philosophical theories a powerful influence.

Physics and philosophy have a relationship so quiet that little is perceived. This relationship arises from the primary elements of the scientific causes. Note that whenever we turn to the experimental phase, trying by all possible means of reducing perceptions of abstract consciousness, to develop a quantitative determinant of material spheres discussed in practice. The deductions that are representations of abstract universals are reduced by mathematical and metaphysical phases. Young whoever you are, search the teachings of your teachers. And do not let the passing things of life you away from your dreams. Breathe society with a high academic level, your teachers are proud of you. Remember that teaching is most worthy work that exist on the face of the earth, not despise those who practice it, rejects the theories of your teachers, as long as you do it respectfully and knowingly.

Science Religion

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

SCIENCE, RELIGION and preservatives By Michael To be accustomed to (INDUSTRIAL INEGNIERA EURUJI) Angels and demons definitively show the crisis which faces the catholic religion. The pinto director to the leaders of the Church like hypocritical beings but with so shining minds that they are able to draw up a maleficent plan with the purpose of to make an impression to the masses and to again convince to us that they are the representatives of the Earth divinity. My tatarabuelo was preaching protestant and dedicated all their life to spread " word of Dios" having the security of which the alternative vision of the world that offered was unique and the unquestionablily correct one. I never doubted that he was a right man and good but was not a person able to question its beliefs by all means nor, did not allow that nobody raised arguments against – to weighing to be formulated with logic -. Under my subjective experience we do not have to put in the same coat to all. However, it does grace to me that certain fundamentalists do not give their arm to twist with respect to their beliefs, but yes they can take certain privileges that are not essential to practice their office. I have seen several of these men carrying movable of last generation, leading cars armored (like " Papamovil") and writing in pages Web. I have felt attemped to shape one of the phrases that said to me when he was a child: " I do not put to you where they do not call to you " I understand that they must right to modernize itself, but I feel incapable to include/understand why they must be updated if their thoughts, words and acts are hard run aground in the time.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

To do this, they fed daily 5 mg of the cancer-causing substance 7,12-dimethyl-Benza anthracene, which causes breast cancer in rats and measured the time how fast tumors formed. A part of the rats was fed with fucoidanhaltigen algae, the other part of the normal control. It showed that the rats in the control group had tumors after 11 weeks. The rats of the fucoidan group developed ulcers but only after 19 weeks. Thus, it could be shown a fucoidan-containing food time clearly can prevent the formation of tumors.

Four ways how fucoidan fucoidan can fight cancer causes cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis) a Japanese study, showed that fucoidan destroyed in vitro cancer cells within 72 hours. While the destruction came from the cells themselves. Fucoidan can dangerous cell divisions anhaltenIn in vitro tests with human lung cancer cells blocked fucoidan effective the G1-phase of cell division, and thus inhibited the formation of malignant tumor. Fucoidan can cancer cells from the growth abhaltenFucoidan activated interleukin – and interferon compounds in the immune system, which inhibit malignant cell growth and thus have an Antitumor effect. At the same time, natural killer cells are activated to destroy malignant cells. Fucoidan inhibits the daughter ulceration (metastasis) experiments on laboratory mice showed that fucoidan malignant lung cancer prevented their spread. Apparently, fucoidan blocked to dock the ability of tumor cells to other cells. Fucoidan can therefore play a central role in the support of the immune system in the fight against cancer.

Currently, fucoidan is used to treat stomach cancer, colorectal and lung cancer as well as leukemia. Doctors report that it very effectively and it relatively free of Side effects is. Limu Moui is the natural source of fucoidan Limu Moui to eat every day, can help to prevent diseases and maintain health and well-being in old age. Unfortunately, the chance that people in the Western world are regularly prepare Limu Moui and food, is very low. The rubbery texture and the flavor of the seaweed for the Central European tongues is too unusual. Fortunately, there is the alternative, Limu Moui, in the form of liquid extracts but (“original Limu juice”) as a food supplement to take. Already 30 to 60 ml of the original Limu juice enough to supply the body with valuable fucoidan and other Limu Moui substances every day. During special exposure to stress or diseases, the amount without hesitation can be increased to three times. Side effects of fucoidanhaltigen foods such as the Limu Moui cannot be expect juice common medicines.

Second Thought

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Not I know if you it has happened like, that sometimes you think about doing something that you want, you need or you must to do and suddenly a thought arrives at your mind that says to youwhy not to leave it for later? , what so tomorrow? justifies to You with convincing reasons why he is better to do it at another moment, and all the benefits and advantages that will bring to you to pospone the action. To that I call to him the second thought. It has so many resources for convencerte, as the best lawyer of the world. It plans to us, it motivates, it impels to us to not to do the things that as much we want or we needed. I will superficially say as to him step to you to that blessed secondly thought and it party coat. Normally a thought comes mind, whatever, to write an article, to make exercise, to realise a work of the home, etc. Fodder in doing it and when I am about to occupy me in it, it appears of coat and necktie the second thought, suggesting does not do what had in mind and in its place presents/displays a varied menu to me of options with other activities (generally pleasant) to choose. It has happened to you? What personally I do, once I am determined to realise a specific activity is: to put in pause the thoughts that they have to do with that activity, until once has initiated the same.

I allow myself to think about any different thing. Obvious they pass those thoughts through my mind, but I focus in others. When the second thought realizes I ignore that it, it stops insisting and march. If you become a easy prey for him, it will not leave of acecharte until obtaining that you pospone your ideas and it will cost to you very many to obtain your goals. Sltalo you also and takes action! You can use this technique at the time of levantarte in the morning. J.S.G. Original author and source of the article

Spanish Brown

Monday, August 15th, 2016

In sequence chronological a indespensible anthology Presented/displayed, several of these comic strips take shelter now in fabulous the Freak Brothers. Volume 1, first delivery of an anthology that feels like indispensable to understand the later historical development of the ninth art. She does not walk to him to the rear in Binky importance Brown meets the Virgin Maria, where Green realised the one that many consider like first graphical novel of history. The tebeo, that saw the light in 1972, is a suffocating and heartrendering creative exercise, the miseries of a young person on the brink of madness the existential catharsis. The protagonist is Binky Brown, an adolescent who must fight with the own fears of his age: the changes in its body, the relations with opposed sex, parents mandones and the ray of light (celestial or infernal) that it leaves his fly directly. Nobody before had criticized with as much hardness to the Catholic Church, nor anybody had reached those ends in the narration of autobiographical histories. Several had already published themselves, yes, but no approached the nakedness degree that the author executes in this work, disturbing story of a tormented soul. Also, the tebeo broke schemes by its length.

Perhaps 44 pages seem a smaller subject at present, but very few were had bold to create a history of that extension before the arrival of Binky Brown meets the Virgin Maria, who now arrives at the Spanish bookcases thanks to the Cupola. A new form to tell to the reality This trip the past is finished in Cleveland, birthplace of Harvey Pekar, scriptwriter whom a new form illuminated to count the reality in its tebeo American Splendor. Appeared for the first time in 1976, this cmic narrates the daily anecdotes of its author, a hospital civil servant that does not give foot with ball. Bores to him its work, spends all the money in old woman discs of jazz, its relations with the women usually is very sporadic and they do not finish well, its too cargantes friendly and known they are to him the world has not put it easy to Harvey, a type with complex manifolds and insecurities, but its irritable character not long ago to improve the situation. " In cmics you can do just like in novels, in the films or plays. Cmics drawings and texts are made up of, with that you can do what you want! " , it affirmed the brilliant writer, whose style has followed contemporary authors like Joe Matt or, to a lesser extent, Jeffrey Brown. These histories can be contemplated now in American Splendor. Volume 1, a book that reunites the work of Pekar between 1976 and 1982, in that great sketchers like Gary Dumm, Gerry Shamray, Greg Budgett or Kevin participated Brown. *Puedes to buy your favorite books in PopularLibros Source of the news: Cmic ' underground' American disembarks in Spain after years of delay

Communication Services

Monday, August 15th, 2016

CLS communication, the largest language service provider in Switzerland, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Despite the current economic uncertainties, CLS communication can look back on a successful one and a half decades. It offers today as global actor in a growing number of customers its expertise in the areas of writing, editing and translating. Zurich, August 15, 2012. The year 1997 provided favourable conditions for the establishment of a company. The markets have been booming, and the business climate was good. Ten years later, the financial crisis broke out.

Yet, whether in good or bad times CLS communication has always asserts itself and has grown to a global enterprise. At first glance seem not particularly for 15 years, but the world has changed greatly during this time: in 1997, there was still no iPhones, iPads and iPods. Even ordinary mobile phones were still not too common. Many people had made only a few years of earlier acquaintance with the Internet, and Google did not exist yet. In the CLS communication has established 15 years as global language service provider.

The company was founded from the outsourced language services of the Swiss Bank Corporation and the Zurich”. First of all, it employed 40 staff. Over the years, grew CLS communication under its own power, and opened offices in New York, London, Copenhagen and other European capitals, as well as in London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing. In addition, took over and she divided the large international companies (business process outsourcing, BPO) language services. CLS communication made significant acquisitions in the course of time. So she acquired Richard gray financial Translations (RGFT) in 2004 to consolidate their presence in London and Paris and Madrid to take foot. in 2009 the company Zurmont Madison, a Swiss-run private-equity fund, as new majority shareholder won. With his help, CLS communication could accelerate growth.

Clickbank Money

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

For example: you can create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress, and write articles making a revision of a clickbank product, highlighting its advantages and .(, it is enough) when you think your blogs for the promotion of affiliate products, trafficking does not copy content alien, besides that it is not, may result you a penalty from search engines, this way have no traffic, and without traffic do not earn money with clickbank. 3 Creates a page of landing or landing page where you can capture data from your visitors, thus will have the opportunity to communicate with them frequently, creating a good relationship of trust, and be able to offer the affiliate products that you promote with a high degree of conversion, i.e. many sales! $$$. 4 Directs traffic towards your website qualified or blog. There are several strategies that you can use which are effective in attracting qualified towards your web site traffic and make money with clickbank. They include:-write articles and upload them to the older articles – participate in forums and social networks – directories using signatures in your emails and forums – create video articles and upload them to youtube and other platforms video these are some techniques frequently used by many Super Affiliates to make money with clickbank and knead large quantities of money. These are techniques that you must necessarily learn and apply if you want to increase either start with a business’s affiliate with Clickbank. If you want more information I invite you to visit the following site, where you will learn how to make money with clickbank step and become an expert on the subject: original author and source of the article.

Provider Industry

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

New issue of dokuworld: technical documentation, multilingualism and PIM in the life-science industry Stockelsdorf. They dokuworld the voice for international product communication addressed with the upcoming print edition of the life-science industry. Suppliers and service providers in the areas of technical documentation, product information management and language technologies can alert display advertisements or entries in market surveys to in the form of success stories. With a circulation of 30,000 copies, the second edition of the dokuworld enclosed the CHEManager. It appears on May 14, 2010 and in the run-up to the Localization World, the leading conference around the international product and corporate communication. The dokuworld offers inspiration and expertise for international product communication. Designed as a supplement for relevant trade and industry media, the print edition has a branch in focus. While the first issue addressed in the manufacturing industry, it is now to the life science, medical, and pharmaceutical industry.

We Provider of technology solutions asked at the end of last year, in what industries, they see the biggest opportunities for growth”, explains Nicole Korber, CEO of good news! Ltd., which publishes the dokuworld. In the field of life science, chemistry and pharmaceuticals was called in addition to the traditional manufacturing industry frequently.” For this reason, dokuworld expands its target range and CHEManager enclosed in the next edition for the first time, one of the leading media of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Nine out of ten CHEManager readers belong to the upper and middle management. The new dokuworld with articles, case studies, and interviews with experts on the subject of multilingualism in the life-science industry, technical documentation and product information management provides information on 24 pages. There is more information under: dokuworld.print mediadaten2010.pdf of the dokuworld: the dzkuworld offers inspiration and expertise for international product communication. You addressed responsible in companies for which Include the product communication, localization and translation of texts, documentation, and content areas. The dokuworld provides information on the independent and editorially supervised information portal and the dokuworld.print, a supplement that is designed for relevant trade and industry media. Contact for the press: Nicole Korber PR agency of good news!