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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

This is a knowledge that can change, which is evolving. This we can call him not encoded social knowledge. For its part, personal knowledge is which is built by the individual, is a knowledge of each one. This is public knowledge base. It is divided into personal knowledge coded and non-coded personal knowledge. Personal knowledge encoded, is one that the individual generates and encodes to understand a phenomenon.

It is easy to share but only has meaning for that individual in particular. It is known as knowledge registered itself, knowledge that a person or group develops and codifies for your account in order to perceive particular situations. Although the own registered knowledge is encoded and therefore is technically difundible, perhaps not significant to do so because its relevance is limited to specific needs and circumstances from which originates it. MSCO is often quoted as being for or against this. Personal knowledge encoded, called by Chun Wei as knowledge of common sense is also diffused and encoded, but not so coded as above, it is unique for each person, regardless of it, its environment and its conditions. A person gradually acquires knowledge of common sense throughout life, through experiences and encounters with family, friends, like plants and other members who represent the community where the individual develops. What comes to internalize as common sense depends on the social situation of the person or as a member of one or more groups, or the extent of the influence of others on what turns on and perceived.

-Cultural knowledge and knowledge dictionary: this is a way of classifying knowledge from organizational work. The first involves the cognitive and affective structures which the members of the Organization commonly used to perceive, explain, evaluate, and construct reality. It is a type of knowledge that uses terms, acronyms and modes of proceeding each organization’s own, built within an organization and almost meaningful only to the members of her.

Mexican Carnival

Monday, March 20th, 2017

The apparatus to produce a parade is resembled the one of a production of Hollywood: They work composers, designers, creative. To read more click here: Bausch & Lomb. all of them supported by thousands of volunteers who look for the glory and the splendor of their school. These groupings of samba march with the purpose of to obtain the title of champions; in order to be able to participate they must belong to the association of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Generally, 5,000 people by school participate and they always count on the support of outstanding personages of the world of the spectacle. Some of recent musas do Carnival have been the Mexican singer Thala as well as popular actresses and from Rio de Janeiro models. The celebration officially begins Friday before the carnival, when the commander gives the symbolic keys from the city to King Momo. During the first day the schools of samba of the access group march past and both following days, Sunday and Monday, other seven schools by day appear. And following Saturday they both make the schools winning of previous days.

These receive scores according to the selected originality of the thematic one, as well as of at the time of approaching it. According to puntacin, the schools stay in the special group or happen to the access group. The repressive Christianity was the source of the origins of the Carnival of River. Carnival comes from carni valis, moment at which the people stuffed of meat in one forecast cuaresma marked by the fasting and abstention. Nowadays little it is of the original sense of this celebration, but the euphoria continues being the same. Who dares to discuss it?

Marketing Calendars

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

We all know that they entering us brochures in our mailbox but don’t know that the junk mail.EES a technique they used by businesses in its sections of direct Marketing where spend large amounts of money from the company to perform as desired and important advertising across the enterprise. What is usually introduce in door-to-door campaigns are: magazines, supermarkets, different types of guilds brochures, medical consultations, institutional information, both municipalities of different administrations, business sheets, gift cards, loyalty cards, gift samples, wall calendars, table calendars, Pocket calendars…chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets etc are the most assiduous to such actions. Indicate to your customers or potential customers that products are on offer and what are the novelties on the surface. It is therefore the relevance of junk mail. TSI International Group describes an additional similar source. It is a way to advertise new establishments or the different guilds which carried out an information campaign to State which of their services and what they can offer to potential customers. Such is the case of electricians, masons, painters, engineers, carpenters, plumbers-mailing companies that the buzonear consider it an art, the distribution of advertising can be converted into a deal in hand, since sometimes the buzoneador can come into contact with certain customers that come in a possible draw made in a marketing campaign. Therefore this cast in hand becomes a junk mail door to door. Original author and source of the article..

Hugo Chavez Frias

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

It comes to be this order by who dictates it i.e. the dictator, something unimaginable for the traditional and missing particos politicians, that today is it hiding in new parties but with root cuartarepubliquistas, which affected many of them pocket. The function of issuing decrees, orders etc., by whom exercises the first Magistracy, becomes dictator and that I mean when I said above, the marking of dictator that he shared with the opposition to our President. It is so, which dictates something, should be called dictator, as he runs, corridor; that fight, fighter; anyway I mean, obviously dictator is who dictates, therefore President is dictator because it dictates what was expressed above. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Drew Houston on most websites. To justify that nombrecito that previously placed you the name of Hugo Chavez Frias, some of his detractors; I should point out that today, was the acme of this dictatorship, called this behavior assumed by our President, to dictate the order of created in PSUV and today after fixation of the CNE, on the date of elections, where democratically elect candidates to Governors and mayors of the Republic, we see the influx of members of the PSUV, to vote, to exercise their vote, precisely to exercise a right that assists all political militancy, which is respected. This dictation, for its part, must be considered as an action of who the dictator dictates it, corresponds to the constitutional role that should prevail in all political bodies in a democratic and participatory regime, as it should prevail. If we do a simple comparison with what is happening in a desperate opposition, it cannot be said that they are good dictators, since that dictate is truly unconstitutional and paragraph of the true exercise of duties in defence of political rights. Affirm it, so it reads and hears opposition everywhere showing a not very healthy behavior by their leaders, in the sense that not lead to base decisions by the choice of their representatives.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

It tumbled of a side for the other of the bed, in vain looking some position made that me to adormecer. I jumped of the bed and I ran for the telephone, I tried to bind, uselessly, therefore he continued busy. – I will not sleep until knowing who, ha this hour, did not vacate the telephone. These words with a great interrogation in the face pronounced. Since it did not go to sleep exactly, I was until the room, I caught one liter of wisque and my cigarette. ' ' I will pass the night binding, but entorpecendo also me and smoking one canceriano' '. I thought pleasant, therefore it would travel for the unconscious one, where the ideas exceed and the mind is to become vacant vertiginously. Wisque already was almost in the end, only remained me more two cigarettes.

I bound again, to increase my hatred, the telephone still was busy, I had impetus to play it in the wall, I caught when it to execute the task, the telephone touched. Instinctively I took care of: – Al! Al! Al! Who is speaking? – Until that at last, – answered a voice in the other side of the line? I thought that you were to pass the hung entire night in the telephone. Already it makes some hours that I am trying to bind for you, and its telephone alone gave busy. I was aturdido, trying to discover of who age that voice, did not recognize it. – It forgives, – I spoke? I am not recognizing its voice. But my telephone was busy, because I was looking somebody to talk, bound for some number, but it only gave busy also. Then I caught one wsqui and a cigarette, I seated to the side of the telephone. Unresolved matter for not obtaining the linking, I practically drank I eliminate all it of the liter, I smoked the entire wallet.