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Not Acceptable!

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is digital-rational (left brain side, such as quantity). To 3.2) memory: internal and external influences > sensory memory > short-time memory (KZG) > long time memory (NC) the longest we remember emotional events etc. The memory is always hierarchically associative: familiar to new. To 3.3) the satisfaction of needs: needs can not be generated! Our environmental influences that lead to buyers preferences. They associate the goods – and provider-image with incentives.

To 3.3) knowledge: we acquire knowledge through learning from data and information, etc. The knowledge structure is the individual organizational and storage system for the systematisation and categorization. Important: the marketing must focus on the social memories, knowledge and conventions! We must be on the respective KundInnenprofil at the sales pitch! To 3.4) the solution search: internally: in the own memories (retrieved set: well-known brands) or in the social Environment. Ext.: advertising media, etc. accepted selection of all brands (consideration set: reviewed brands) and new brands (evoked set: included brands). To 3.4.1) the buying decision: > the process that leads to a purchase decision, can be divided into 6 steps: on-demand, lack of recognition (motif). Extensive purchasing decisions – purchase is concluded only after careful consideration search for offers and alternatives; Limited purchase decision – simplified purchase decision finding external and internal information. Habitualisierte purchase decision – habitual purchase decision evaluating offers and alternatives; Impulsive purchase decision – stimulus-driven decision, spontaneous purchase purchase decision purchase evaluation, feedback stimulation requires the decision which either internal or external can be natural, to achieve a desired situation or feeling. A prerequisite for the emergence of this stimulation is a not or inadequately covered need.

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