Everything is so easy when we’re children there are no problems, we do not have difficulty in passing a new day since everything felt so safe. When we grow up we learn that now yes we must raise us alone each stumbling blocks that we have in life, but how to do it? That is something that no one knows, we experience it as the years pass and we never finished it do because life is a constant learning process in which ever you will be entirely wise to save you from all the obstacles that await us on the long road. In adolescence it hurts even the slightest things and perhaps time would say that it is when we believe that we can not rise alone and more when we are aware that people who love us not may be falling off with us when our State of mind this floor because of this sometimes got to feel very bad and for a long time because we feel obliged to remain silent; our pain alone, we think even that nobody wants us, that nobody helps us understand us or maybe that the people you are trying to help us get tired and decides to leave us to a side suffering alone. But the truth is that every human being has the illusion of finding that person who help us, how to find someone who really cares about us and decide to help us persistently? Aceves believe find it but I would say that the perfect person never came because we will never find the conformity in anything as it usually happens in humans. Although at times it hurts us to hear the frasecita one is only born and dies only! sometimes can become us useful, who better than us to decide what so low or so high we want to go, I have no doubt that we need people to have an emotional stability but that those people are not nor 80% of the engine that we need to direct our lives. Original author and source of the article.

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