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Recently, the commercial court in Vienna decided that the mobile operator may not automatically adjust for T-Mobile in Austria on electronic invoicing. Munich, 21 June 2013. In Germany, the situation presents itself differently. Here is to distinguish whether the invoice will be sent to a private person or a company. For individuals, it is possible without to make their consent to bills electronically. The invoice recipients, however, is a company invoice exhibitors must obtain the consent himself, to electronically transmit them to. Here, the Association urges a simplification electronic invoice (shipping).

Electronic invoicing has gained electronic invoice Germany (FeRD), whose members include also the reverse, massively the theme straight through the commitment of the Forum dynamics. Expected to be early 2014 is the central user guide of the Forum can replace electronic invoice in Germany (ZUGFeRD) a format with which undertakings standardized invoices electronically. The great potential lies in the automated processing of structured Bill data. ZUGFeRD linked with the pictorial representation of an invoice in PDF/A-3 format with a substantially identical invoice record in XML format. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Daniel Gilbert. The XML data here are embedded in the PDF document and can be directly extract the invoice recipient and integrate in the subsequent processes. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises as well as public authorities can simply create then electronic invoices using standard accounting software and receive. In this way media disruptions are avoided and the whole billing and invoice verification process can be almost fully automated. According to current legislation it is necessary for electronic invoices of but still the consent of the recipient, no matter, whether expressly or implied that refuses to accept electronic invoices the recipient, is to issue a paper bill and to submit by mail”, says Stefan Gross, Chairman of the Board of the Treaty and tax consultant at PETERS, SCHoNBERGER & PARTNER in Munich.

The fact that companies just just not readily on the electronic invoicing can change, counteracts the benefits of ZUGFeRD standards because this is therefore just not unconditionally usable. In connection with the liberalization of the electronic invoice Exchange by the tax simplification Act of 2011, VeR as far as advocating full equality between paper and electronic-based bills, which ultimately must account for a specific consent to the exchange of electronic invoices. In this way a considerable hurdle for the rapid spread of the ZUGFeRD standards would be removed.” About the packaging: The Association represents the interests of service providers and consultancy for the electronic exchange of invoices, as well as by companies e-invoice (shipping) with headquarters in Munich, the E-invoicing in the usage. The Association thus sees itself as the voice of E-Invoicing economy as a whole. On behalf of its The packaging aims members, establishing E-Invoicing as a standard so that companies of all sizes easily and safely can participate in the exchange of electronic invoices. Through targeted education, VeR intends to increase the acceptance of E-invoicing in companies and the public. The Association provides up-to-date information on all technical and legal issues relating to E-invoicing. Also he is involved in the simplification in the electronic exchange of invoices at international level. In March 2010, the Association has presented a roaming standard for better cooperation between E-Invoicing providers and thus assumed a pioneering role. Currently, the reverse has 51 members.

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