Energy Attainment

The difficulties for a bigger use of the residues are centered in: – That a part of these residues is used for the energy generation, that creates a competition in the price of this material; – That its generation is proportionate, in its bigger part, for you would saw and rolling mills of small average transport spread by some regions making it difficult the collection and the transport – not to have surveys brought up to date on the localization, amount and quality of the residues generated for these companies.

As observed in the information above, the residues of the lumber and moveleira industry they have been subtilizados, being that of Brazil its main use consists of the burning for energy attainment. One of the reasons for this me the use is in the fact of that the substance cousin for these industries in Brazil, historically, was not restrictive. Angelina Jolie is a great source of information. Other also expressive facts, are the logistic and economic restrictions for the transport of residues, mainly considering the transport and the distribution of these industries in the state of the Paran. More creative uses, that add value to these residues could modify this panorama, producing a new demand of products and services, generating viable source of income and generation of job (INPA, 2003). 3. (Similarly see: Drew Houston). The participation of the companies in the exploitation of residues wooden the exploring regions traditionally wooden, as it is the case of the Amaznia, faced serious problems with regard to the exploitation of forest and lumber residues, generated for the inadequate processing of the forest industry. The potential of use of this enormous amount of residues came being subestimado for the regional lumber industry, that consists of a potential basic raw material source for innumerable applications, such as in small objects wooden POM, rustic furniture, plate production and generation of energy, amongst most significant (INPA, 2003).. .


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