Some other as suggestive as the plaza Djemma market exists in the world el-Fna in Marrakech? The truth is that no people would not anything special, because you don’t have an imposing monument nor any building of relevance. In fact, not even it is a square itself. At the time of the French was a parking and, in its origins, housed the gallows of the city, hence its name, which means dead laos square. Today, however, it has become incarnate life itself and that as human need to interact with the other under the most varied and marvelous modalities. Day, the square is framed by an endless series of trucks with a host of ready to be squeezed fresh oranges. Within the perimeter, all kinds of products and goods, exhibits from teapots and wood carvings to carpets and articles of leather goods, apart from essential sweet pasta, spicy tagines, ratatouilles and shashlik on a background of music and sounds of all kinds.

At night the place is He transforms into a kind of circus felliniesque where have accommodated from prestidigitators and jugglers to boxers and snake charmers, all with smoke and the aroma of spices from countless grills. You can hear the insistent tam tam drums, as if all this chaos was part of a meticulous ritual of daily execution. Inside, already in the bowels of the Souk, is attending an identical feast for the senses, with a heavy mixture of smells of Fund. Passing before countless checkpoints that sold everything between dusty rays of the Sun, barely, they manage to seep through the roof, he assails him one the unmistakable aroma of cinnamon interspersed with the of sandalwood and cedar wood, the leather and the national aroma of Morocco which is Mint. With those pyramids of Saffron and coriander, and that chaotic myriad of fabrics, lamps and teapots hanging from the ceiling, the Souk of Marrakech is a genuine Aladdin cave. But the city has many other things apart from the market. Both the walls, an unmistakable ground color reddish, like the imposing gates of Bad Debbagh and Bad Aghmat and balanced mosque of Koutoubia, a symbol of the city, have resisted the passage of centuries in a perfect state of conservation, and this despite the attentions of countless suitors and looters.

Within these walls there is not only a frenetic commercial activity, but also an oasis of gardens as Majorelle, where the protagonists are the hibiscus, the bougainvillea, Palm trees and bananas. Now Muse of the perfumers, all these gardens were once the refuge of intellectuals and scholars of the Qur’an who made Marrakech the center of Moroccan civilization, against the conservatism of Fez. Heir to this tradition, Marrakech is, however, much more than a square and a paradise of aromas. As the dance of the veil hiding after his eyes a mystery that constitutes a true feast for the senses. You cannot live in Marrakech and don’t like fragrances. Here the perfume has a mystical character, indissoluble part of life itself Serge Lutens. Perfumer.


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