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It is therefore necessary to promote the communication between experts. He also said which areas of knowledge are especially critical for the company. Ms. Gray, head of HR personnel and organisational development of T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH showed that knowledge transfer, so the theme of the event, is a key element of talent management. Have the right people to find what key qualifications, on the one hand quickly independently to acquire knowledge and to share this, sets important foundations. Knowledge transfer provides a loyalty of employees.

The aim must be a lebenslanges learning to enable. Therefore, also the transfer is reversed “Old too young”. Credit: Kaihan Krippendorff-2011. Learning must occur in both directions, so also “Young to old”. During this event, Arite Grau presented how talent management at T-systems multimedia solution GmbH. In 4 levels are distinguished: “Level 1 learning through knowledge transfer”, “Level 2 learning by experience”, “Level 3 learning by teaching” and “Level 4 learning by reflecting”. Why deal with talent management? In times of fast paced business and lack of skilled workers, the promotion of diversity and the expansion of knowledge is basis for each company.

New demands and requirements need to be considered and taken into account the impact of social media (including knowledge transfer). Gray said that a “talent” has something to do no way with high potential or A player. A talent inside every employee: whether the possession of strong demand and scarce skills, strong motivation or social Competence, whether higher professional education. It applies to find talent, Weiterzugeben further expertise to inspire above all others and to bind. And because knowledge sharing increases, there is a program students@MMS at T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH. “According to the motto: the learner for learners ‘ young colleagues are involved in continuing education. Learning by reflecting. To do this, grey presented different learning formats, such as for example the “Peer Coaching” – a training model, to tackle growing social and professional demands successfully. More and more companies rely on it. Knowledge also thrives on Exchange. So, grey also presented “Digital Life Camp”. This serves to reveal that in enterprises to marvel at existing knowledge, to show and to Exchange and new trends, solutions, and practices. The digital life camp is a hands-on Conference for employees. It also provides leadership kraefte learning formats. Gray was a specially process management on the talent. Robert Grundler, Managing Director of WissensImpuls, presented a concrete method to the planned personnel transition in his post. In a structured conversation between old and new employees, which will be moderated by a third person, a knowledge map is and created a network of contacts for this post. This is, above all, to exchange experience and knowledge. It aims to make explicit the methodological organizational knowledge. MINTsax.

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