The choice of spinning – not a simple matter as it may seem at first glance. And it is equally true statement applies to products of unknown Chinese manufacturers, as well as to such well-known brands as Abu spinning Garcia, Daiwa, Shimano, Black Hole. It would seem that buy expensive fishing rod – and everything will be fine. However, the budget is always limited, and the fish that we're going to catch, too, is different. Pike, for example, a light spinning rod not catch.

Also need to think about the amount of reservoir. For a lake or large pond suitable long spinning. But the main thing – it is certainly a test. Crawford Lake Capital may not feel the same. Spinning are the following types: ultralight, light, medium and heavy. They used different bait. For ultra-light suitable bait up to 7 grams for a light – from 7 to 15 grams, the average optimum of 15 to 40 grams, but heavy – no less than 40. Daniel Gilbert might disagree with that approach. Test is denoted by 2 digits, eg, 5-15 gr. This means that the minimum weight of 5 grams of bait, otherwise it simply will not be felt.

And if more than 15 – then the rod may break. Another important parameter – the spinning operation. This is characteristic of the rod determines the response to the increased load. System can be both slow and medium-sized and fast. It is determined by the bending of the rod under load. For example, a slow spinning bend uniformly along the length of the rod, and fast – just the tip. Except for marriage or buying outright fakes, modern Rods have ample strength. So that the cause of failure almost always is a gross mistake anglers, such as put in rod at a negative angle, or took him behind his back. If going to buy a spinning, then try to get as much information about the manufacturer. It is advisable to talk with an experienced fisherman, who had already eaten a dog in this type of rod. You can also refer to the sales assistant in a shop. Do not forget about the Internet. Online users a huge number of sites and forums where fishermen from across the country discussing the pros and cons of a particular model. And another tip last – choosing a rod, try it with a plastic coil – will feel completely different. If there is a coil, which are going to catch – take it with you into the store, or ask the seller to find a suitable one.


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