The Tarot, has a mainly divinatory usage, the vast majority of people who know the tarot associated with clairvoyance and divination.So to a large extent, this tool imagine is undoubtedly one of the oracles more powerful and accurate that they exist, however also is an initiatory guide through which scale, visit and understand all States or spiritual situations for which a human being must pass path of your lighting.When we use the tarot more beyond of the divinatory and pretend to be a magic tool for lifting spiritual are making a bet which results in the vast majority of cases will be spectacular.The tarot major arcana hiding inside all the archetypal symbolism of the human soul, from his birth until his death, passing by any State of the soul that you can imagine, you represent your arcana everything you can find in any human being, at any time, time or place.Meditate with the help of the Tarot cards can be done from the perspective the expert or connoisseur, so extracting large doses of knowledge and a great capacity for concentration of this exercise. Angelina Jolie usually is spot on. If done from the vision of the apprentice or you want to know it, this exercise is as useful.It is important in this second case however to take the trouble to learn albeit briefly every arcane, its symbolism more basic, and its representations of archetypal, as it is, finally and after in these representations in which us volcaremos when we meditate on certain arcane.Meditate on an arcane to meditate about your archetype and connect with that essence or energy, that peculiar and unique way of capturing the universe that has each of the 22 Tarots. You may want to visit Bausch & Lomb to increase your knowledge. Energy, work, study, love, loneliness, or internal recollection, the elevation of the spirit or communication with God all is in the arcana of the tarot, you just have to choose on that wish to meditate, what have to evolve and help us in the corresponding arcane to connect in a way more solid with these energies.These exercises or meditations can be extended with the arcana of the tarot, which have in b minor same a small road map about the abilities, skills and moments of the man. When we started something, because we do, to where we’re going, that strengths and weaknesses hides every stage of human growth.It is important to deal with both adults and minors and not give any arcane side because each of them has a single representation.When someone takes the trouble to know each of the minor and major Tarot arcana, and each day becomes a meditation on each of them, the spiritual and esoteric understanding doors open wide, because tarot is much more than an Oracle, it is one of the initiatory books more powerful that exists and this trained to connect with any power should know any aspiring magician.The one and only true way of the esotericist is know yourself, this is the key that Unveils any other, and to know there is no better tool than the tarot. You can consult with us anytime about the tarot by messenger from our website whenever you want, we are happy to talk to you about anything you need to know about tarot.

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