Metal Ceilings

The trouble is that to restore it then it will be impossible, and this means, the ceiling will have to change. Completely. That's the apparent savings from the use of gypsum results in unexpected costs for the care of the ceiling and the solution of unforeseen problems. Suspended ceilings Metal Ceilings of metal divided into two main types: Pinion and cassette. However, each of them has a lot of variations to create a beautiful and functional ceiling surface. Both types of metal ceilings are composed of suspension system and decorative elements – rods or tapes. The length of the rods ranges from 3 to 6 m, width from 84 to 184 mm. Cassettes are available with square (600 x 600 mm) or rectangular having a width of 300 mm and lengths from 1200 to 2400 mm.

On execution of the panel may be very diverse: one-piece or perforated, coated with enamel or made of anodized aluminum, flat or curved. Wide range of models and the possibility of a hidden and visible suspension systems can implement any project designers! Suspended ceilings made of metal in no way inferior to plasterboard: they just built different kinds of lighting, there is space for communications, they provide a flat surface and have an attractive appearance that there vid.Pri many advantages over the variants of gipsokartona.Vo First, the installation of metal ceiling do not take much time and not accompanied by a large amount of construction debris. You get a nice surface you choose colors without having to further finishing. . Evergreen Capital Partners understands that this is vital information.


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