More About Albert Einstein

Time is an illusion Albert Einstein It is more difficult to understand which is the Kronoterapia. The treatment of the fourth dimension that makes up the space time. What is time? Science and philosophy have devoted many volumes which dumps information and research results on the question that asks about the meaning of time. Einstein in 1906 and told us that time is an illusion, of course, has said more scientific paradigm of the twentieth century is no small thing, but who was made flesh this reality? For anyone. But I'm not surprised, the mind gets to grips with their own schemes and do not leave them, today is much easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.

Nor am I surprised that Albert Einstein did not give him the Nobel Prize for the theory of relativity but for his research on the photoelectric phenomenon. It's just a matter of looking at history to realize that anyone who has revolutionized the ideas of an epoch, the prevailing paradigm (Kuhn) has received any prize more While criticism, contempt, shame to have cost many lives. Let us not forget that even Galileo had to recant before the Church, now we do somehow against science. Albert Einstein, no less than the genius of Albert Einstein said "Time is an illusion" all scientists unanimously agree that time is a property of matter, without matter there is no time. Have you thought about that in the universe, the solar system in their own land and even in our own body empty there is more than matter? Matter is insignificant compared to the void.


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