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Intensive French within the programmes available for the realization of language courses in France, in all institutes, gives much importance to everything that includes the expression and oral communication, but at the same time delves into the knowledge relating to the written language. Without neglecting the written or oral part to achieve a synthesis between grammar and oral expression. Teachers permanently encourage participation of students by promoting the creation of a relaxed, dynamic, pleasant atmosphere, which encourages each student to speak and participate either in various scheduled games, as well as in the various activities identified by the teachers. Teachers dedicated to dictate courses of French are qualified with diplomas and certified teachers college, formed especially for the teaching of this language to foreign students, therefore, possess the necessary experience to offer multinational and multicultural classes. Especially in Paris, is assigned to a group reduced students, a pedagogical responsible and an administrative group, which handled various foreign languages to give welcome to the student and then initiate the integration to the institution.

They will be responsible for responding to any kind of concern nature educational, administrative or other nature. Communicate effectively in the French language provides the ability to enter new markets, get to know other cultures and communities, or simply improve the practice of the language. Study languages abroad is a possibility that currently many people are considering for its big benefits to personal level, your speed in learning and its effectiveness since it combines perfectly practice the language with a pleasant learning environment, in a city like Paris or any student wishing to stay. Original author and source of the article.

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