Possible Fashion

From 1850, influenced for the prosperity and revolutions in all the Europe, the fashion comes appearing with new technologies. The industrials had caused controversies later, implanting the machine the vapor and the electricity. Being thus, with the productions in series and products derived from the oil, a not only cultural race is initiated, but yes the attempt of standardization of all the society. Moreover, the industry also had the ambition of to search prestgios and profits, essential characteristic of the capitalism. The initiative to standardize can be considered as being a manipulation form, where it is possible to perceive that the clothes were not only one necessity as in the primitive ages for protection against the effect of the climate, but yes a necessity created for acceptance inside of the capitalist society. Another point is the speed of change of the standards, where old a slow chronology was respected and that today it is of sped up form, being visibilizada in the constant changes of trends in the world of the fashion.

Therefore, the clothes for being close to the man and to be strict on its necessities, became a media of great impact in the life them people. To follow a possible linking between art and fashion will be analyzed, and as each concept interacts with the being uses that it. 3.ARTE AND FASHION: Possible relations 3.1.A FASHION AS ART the placed fashion as art is a subject that comes being raised has some time, in this exactly Hollander positioning (1996 apud Shulte, 2002) classifies that: … the fashion is a modern art, therefore its formal changes illustrate the idea of a process in movement, as other forms of modern art have made; it always is a representation. The fashion makes its proper sequence of creative images in its half particular deed of division, which has its history specifies, it simply does not create a visual mirror direct of the cultural facts.


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