Similar People

To realize if you really are in the tune of win – win ask what Next: why would associate me, hire me I, or my own company? If your honest answer refers to contratarias yourself because you’re adding value to your life, through a product or service that you offer and truly in the interest of improving your life, then congratulations! If you sign it has that you are browsing to another only with a sign of pesos, dollars, euros, etc. It would be worth you hicieras a stop along the way and you wonder: do I’m interested in the other (customer, partner, consultant, etc.) or just see it as a means to achieve my goals? True leaders know that focus on the win-win is one of the greatest rewards that exist for the human being. You have a genuine interest in enriching the lives of others means then a reward for who does it. Up here you noticed that integrity and self-knowledge is the basis of all true leader. It is not if it is always surrounded by cameras, reporters, friends and it has many followers to get out. It’s knowing who you are to then inspire confidence and credibility. You have clarity in who you’re attracted to people. Probably people who you hire or buy your product ever, and if not you offer honesty and clarity might never return come or you recommend, in addition to attract similar people.

It recalls the similar attracts. Another point that the true leaders have is that they are informed and aware of the topic which concerns them. Like the majority of people follow authority figures, it is something that is created from childhood. And we certainly like to listen and follow those that we consider an authority on the subject that interests us. Eye, the leader is humble to admit that they don’t know everything and you don’t have to know everything.

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