South American Governments

The conclusions or recommendations to which above the CSM, as well as the decisions that define goals, functions, tasks, Foundation doctrines and aspirations of this process, are taken by consensus and express themselves through a Final Declaration that is emitted at the end of each Conference. The States participating in the CSM receive the name of member countries. Each Government is represented by an official delegation comprised of officials of hierarchy and functions equivalent or superior to the CEO or national of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Ministry or unit of responsible Government to formulate and implement national migration policy and manage its immigration services. The process of the Conference, in addition to the participation of the twelve South American Governments, international agencies includes representatives of society Civil and specific Governments as observers, which can participate in different activities that take place, but are not empowered to intervene in the elaboration of documents containing recommendations or commitments, since these actions are exclusive Faculty of member countries. In this regard note that agencies such as UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for refugees), ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), SEGIB (Iberoamerican General Secretariat), CAN (Andean Community) and ILO (International Labour Organization) have made important contributions to this process through shared technical documents and papers presented to the plenary of each Conference.

Also at the request of the Pro-Tempore Presidency in exercise and/or incoming, you can invite experts or technicians in some specific event in order to exchange ideas, experiences and points of view on the immigration issue. ion. As observers, the guests may not participate in the elaboration of documents containing recommendations or commitments, as this is exclusive Faculty of member countries. The process of the CSM has a technical secretariat that is responsible for supporting the follow-up mechanisms of the process, the Action Plan, initiatives and activities arising from the own CSM and those to be adopted in future conferences; and to ensure communication, coordination and exchange of information among member countries.

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