Spanish Brown

In sequence chronological a indespensible anthology Presented/displayed, several of these comic strips take shelter now in fabulous the Freak Brothers. Volume 1, first delivery of an anthology that feels like indispensable to understand the later historical development of the ninth art. She does not walk to him to the rear in Binky importance Brown meets the Virgin Maria, where Green realised the one that many consider like first graphical novel of history. The tebeo, that saw the light in 1972, is a suffocating and heartrendering creative exercise, the miseries of a young person on the brink of madness the existential catharsis. The protagonist is Binky Brown, an adolescent who must fight with the own fears of his age: the changes in its body, the relations with opposed sex, parents mandones and the ray of light (celestial or infernal) that it leaves his fly directly. Nobody before had criticized with as much hardness to the Catholic Church, nor anybody had reached those ends in the narration of autobiographical histories. Several had already published themselves, yes, but no approached the nakedness degree that the author executes in this work, disturbing story of a tormented soul. Also, the tebeo broke schemes by its length.

Perhaps 44 pages seem a smaller subject at present, but very few were had bold to create a history of that extension before the arrival of Binky Brown meets the Virgin Maria, who now arrives at the Spanish bookcases thanks to the Cupola. A new form to tell to the reality This trip the past is finished in Cleveland, birthplace of Harvey Pekar, scriptwriter whom a new form illuminated to count the reality in its tebeo American Splendor. Appeared for the first time in 1976, this cmic narrates the daily anecdotes of its author, a hospital civil servant that does not give foot with ball. Bores to him its work, spends all the money in old woman discs of jazz, its relations with the women usually is very sporadic and they do not finish well, its too cargantes friendly and known they are to him the world has not put it easy to Harvey, a type with complex manifolds and insecurities, but its irritable character not long ago to improve the situation. " In cmics you can do just like in novels, in the films or plays. Cmics drawings and texts are made up of, with that you can do what you want! " , it affirmed the brilliant writer, whose style has followed contemporary authors like Joe Matt or, to a lesser extent, Jeffrey Brown. These histories can be contemplated now in American Splendor. Volume 1, a book that reunites the work of Pekar between 1976 and 1982, in that great sketchers like Gary Dumm, Gerry Shamray, Greg Budgett or Kevin participated Brown. *Puedes to buy your favorite books in PopularLibros Source of the news: Cmic ' underground' American disembarks in Spain after years of delay


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