Stiftung Ebelin Bucerius

After the press conference, there is a guided tour through the current exhibition, and for the first time for all present students both take advantage of the free admission as one of many exclusive offerings in the coming three months. Dropbox has plenty of information regarding this issue. The House of the Photograph shows currently in cooperation with the Museum Folkwang the first retrospective of the British photographer Paul Graham (born in 1956). The exhibition presents a representative selection of his work with over 145 images from 11 large factory complexes built since 1981. To this date we invite, you as a media representative with photo / AV crew, to accompany the launch of this unique Germany-wide pilot project with us and celebrate! First prominent voices to the project free pass: A unique, truly singular in Germany offer, about which we are very happy (Dr. Andreas Hofmann (Bucerius art Forum)) this is an offer with which to appear, the first-year students are welcome at the universities of Hamburg and the Hamburg cultural landscape.

(Dr. Andreas Hofmann (Bucerius art Forum)) Each of us, which has begun a study, know that every euro counts and that it exactly hinkucken must, what man uses his money. If you then get a way free in 13 museums, as it is now has highlighted here, and six theatres to come in the first three months, then is to sniff a wonderful art. (Prof. Dr. Michael Goring (initial sponsor of the project free pass and GERD ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin Bucerius)) I want to give two things with the way the city: namely, that you consider the model culture map more times something for yet other groups. What actually stopping the city of all Hamburg citizens and every citizen to Hamburg is 16 years old, to send such a culture card for three months? Well, that cost 55 cents postage! But would it not something nice if someone who comes over from the stage of the child being in which the young people get such a card? No matter whether he is an apprentice in a company or in a high school sits in the middle schools or where ever.


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