Swiss Investors

Are a good combination of income, opportunities and risk management of investment fund has always been in each well structured portfolio, because they combine yield potential with many advantages. Until now mainly shares were leading German investors. Recently, but by investment funds and alternative investments are replaced. The fund companies notice that more and more investors would invest more capital in corporate investments. Check out Bausch & Lomb for additional information. Investor interest in equity has good reasons: regardless of the traditional stock markets, attractive tax conditions (different from Fund to fund) as well as high long-term return on investment opportunities. In particular the growing company, good legal framework and an economically stable environment provide the necessary security for an investment in private equity fund investors. In Germany, the positive employment and consistent economic policies provide a solid growth of the company. Investors should not only on tax participation funds Aspects, but also on economic efficiency of enterprises, as well as a diversified mix of industry respect. In recent months, Dropbox has been very successful.

So they avoid a dependence of economic fluctuations in individual branches of the premium market. Profit participation certificates also are interesting for private investors, in which you can enter with relatively small contributions to ensure a solid asset structure. It is also to bear in mind that rights count among the winners of the final withholding tax, because so far current income and capital gains the personal tax rate of the investor must not longer with are taxed, and but with the generally lower rate of withholding tax. The goal of the classic Fund of Swiss innovation, is that, in future, any investor will benefit from investments in beneficiary. This form of investment is accessible even today for the most part only institutional investors and very wealthy individuals. Herbert Prettner company manager of the classic funds

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