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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Babies grow never again as fast as in the first year of life. Especially during rapid eye movement sleep promote the development of the brain, that anything his own also the Funktionend it takes over your entire body. Growth hormones, cell formation and blood and breathing circuit be controlled alone by this body. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Karp has to say. Sleep is so inevitably connected with the development of the menshclichen body, because only through him, the brain has opportunity to improve mental skills. The stages of sleep when measuring the brain waves it has determined that there are three types of sleep. There are the quiet and active sleep and sleep type can be described as the transition.

REM sleep is the rapid eye movement sleep and deep sleep a peaceful sleep. A baby changes quite quickly the phases of sleep. This may be up to half an hour a few minutes. The rhythm of sleep is still not such as in an adult on seven to eight hours in the night limited and must still be trained. For even more details, read what Crawford Lake Capital says on the issue. The childlike body has yet to learn, the stages of sleep the typical rhythm of the day to adjust after the sleep really best to take advantage of the recovery.

When are babies in the active phase of sleep, they twitch in their sleep and move, they smile and make faces and noises. Here, the processing of the learned in the sleep takes place. In the quiet phase of sleep, baby are relaxed and it is not easy to wake her up. Here, the memories are probably processed. Sleep itself is extremely important not only for the development of the brain. In his sleep, growth, hormone production, and digestion are controlled more than in all other States. The small body has to do much at this time. Restful sleep is sleeping in the first three months of life, a baby very much. Can 16 hours to be there for 20 hours. In the following months the change between the be awake and sleep fit more and more; a learning process, conveyed the child above all about the parents. Nocturnal awakening or shouting parents should contact make as short and quiet as possible the child the night as a rest period understands. And it will get used to a 24-hour day and often rather sleep. Sleep is important, that the brain of the baby can relax and not overloaded with too much information. It is recommended to promote the sleeping patterns of babies through the customized environment by careful care, that a child-friendly sleeping place (examples) was elected to The sleeping patterns of babies can be quite individually. A baby becomes older, it needs less sleep.