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Hong Kong

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Billy Lam, Vice President of the Hong Kong Office of business development for transpacific IP Group Ltd., the only full-service IP strategy firm in Asia, Loke-Khoon agrees to Tan. Hong Kong offers ideal conditions: the legal system, the transparent tax system and the geographical location make Hong Kong the best place around IP dealers and IP to connect purchasers. Access to investors, as well as Hong Kong’s economic experts, including bilingual IP experts, are added in addition. Hong Kong is involved for a long time in the IP trade, be it Copyrighthandel, Markenlizensierungen and franchising, design services and exchange of technologies. 2010 exported Hong Kong technologies amounting to USD 1 billion to mainland China and finished 6th place in the international ranking of countries for technology exports to China. Lam is convinced that the fast-growing number of IP leads buyers from Asia, especially from the Chinese mainland, to a significant paradigm shift from Asia will emerge as a new global IP marketplace. While overall the IP get increasingly more importance rating, this one was Tan in Asia still behind other markets according to Loke-Khoon back when it comes to the evaluation of IP portfolios for mergers and acquisitions. The IP portfolio was an important value of a company eventually.

Also, founder and SMEs in Hong Kong laid still to little focus on the topic of IP and its importance for the company’s value. According to Billy Lam, the topic of IP is trade still fairly new for Hong Kong SMEs. To make Hong Kong a real IP marketplace, these companies have to deal seriously with the development and the protection of their intellectual property. The growth potential would be exponential. The company General Assembly offers training courses for technology, business and design, as well as to the introduction to IP laws.

We make the experience that especially founders need help because new companies often do not directly make for an advice from a lawyer,”as Allison tree, Director of the General Assembly Asia. While protecting the brand, products, and other IP values are essential for the long-term success of a company. Often, companies only then seriously take it the topic of IP, If something happens and the entrepreneurs is not clear that the protection of intellectual property belong to the cost of doing business. It should be best practice to register the IP and if someone violates the rights, one must fight hard and send a deterrent signal in the market.

Europe Participation

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Generally, it can however be stated, that in the United States the investment activity of private equity in the logistics sector was historically always higher than in Europe or Asia. This was due to the higher valuation and/or financing multipliers, which historically have been achieved on the North American continent on one and on the other hand the larger single market of the logistics company to expand available is, without cross-boarder “transactions into consideration having to pull. Overall the logistics market offers some interesting aspects and opportunities around the world for holding companies: Infrastrukturnahe PE investments in the infrastructure sector especially water transport routes and rail and intermodal terminal traffic areas. Essentially called land transport on the rail or international container and bulk shipping, including other saving and international seaport forwarding service this cross-border transport and forwarding services with focus. In this sub-segment, there were some significant transactions with private equity in Europe Participation.

In rail freight transport, investment motives were certainly in addition to the relatively high margins, partly also the speculation on opportunistic exit opportunities on the big European railways in an overall positive market environment. Due to the high level of investment and the cyclical nature of the transportation segment by the economic crisis, seems this concept only partly to be paid. With the acquisition of Lehnkering by the financial investor Triton in the Bulktransport waterways of possible efficiency gains and a buy-and-build strategy as a strong niche player were certainly a decisive criterion for the transaction. Freight forwarding forwarding companies due to their low capital intensity, the relatively stable margins provided opportunities to share price fluctuations on the shopping page to customers, E.g. on diesel-floater, is given, and always attractive due to the potential for long-term growth prospects for private equity investors. However, the capital market valuations in this area are with 10 EBITDA comparatively high and significantly above the remaining segments of the transport.