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Daniel Kublbock Produced

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Daniel Kublbock sings apres-ski hit in Bodenmais, the famous singer and entertainer Daniel Kublbock is recently often guest in Niederselters. The reason: Daniel is the Director of the music school working with Marco Breitenstein, on some new music projects. Currently the new ground corn song is completed there, a fleet apres-ski number with country influences. Daniel Bavarian wrote the text itself at best, the musical idea was implemented by him together with Marco Breitenstein, Seltzer took care of the right sound Michael Kramer from the sound source. Daniel is already for some years now a welcome guest in the Bavarian ski resort ground corn, the jungle of Bavaria”, and shows its solidarity with the new song. From the 28.02 up to 04.03.2010 music as well ski fans the opportunity to attend a three-day ski lessons with Daniel Kublbock in Bodenmais, in a private concert at the 02.03.2010 Bodenmais song in the village barn will be officially presented. The CD is available from the beginning of March. Daniel work for fall 2010 Kublbock and Marco Breitenstein on some new songs, to whom Daniel has written in-depth, but also entertaining texts. The music style is to move between easy-listening, jazz and swing, just the genre, in which Daniel feels at home and that ideally suit his gentle but powerful voice. Who want to hear not only the ground corn song, which since the best-of CD published in the April by Daniel recommended, which contained 40 tracks from 2003 to 2010. More information can be found, current concert dates on on.