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Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

To do this, they fed daily 5 mg of the cancer-causing substance 7,12-dimethyl-Benza anthracene, which causes breast cancer in rats and measured the time how fast tumors formed. A part of the rats was fed with fucoidanhaltigen algae, the other part of the normal control. It showed that the rats in the control group had tumors after 11 weeks. The rats of the fucoidan group developed ulcers but only after 19 weeks. Thus, it could be shown a fucoidan-containing food time clearly can prevent the formation of tumors.

Four ways how fucoidan fucoidan can fight cancer causes cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis) a Japanese study, showed that fucoidan destroyed in vitro cancer cells within 72 hours. While the destruction came from the cells themselves. Fucoidan can dangerous cell divisions anhaltenIn in vitro tests with human lung cancer cells blocked fucoidan effective the G1-phase of cell division, and thus inhibited the formation of malignant tumor. Fucoidan can cancer cells from the growth abhaltenFucoidan activated interleukin – and interferon compounds in the immune system, which inhibit malignant cell growth and thus have an Antitumor effect. At the same time, natural killer cells are activated to destroy malignant cells. Fucoidan inhibits the daughter ulceration (metastasis) experiments on laboratory mice showed that fucoidan malignant lung cancer prevented their spread. Apparently, fucoidan blocked to dock the ability of tumor cells to other cells. Fucoidan can therefore play a central role in the support of the immune system in the fight against cancer.

Currently, fucoidan is used to treat stomach cancer, colorectal and lung cancer as well as leukemia. Doctors report that it very effectively and it relatively free of Side effects is. Limu Moui is the natural source of fucoidan Limu Moui to eat every day, can help to prevent diseases and maintain health and well-being in old age. Unfortunately, the chance that people in the Western world are regularly prepare Limu Moui and food, is very low. The rubbery texture and the flavor of the seaweed for the Central European tongues is too unusual. Fortunately, there is the alternative, Limu Moui, in the form of liquid extracts but (“original Limu juice”) as a food supplement to take. Already 30 to 60 ml of the original Limu juice enough to supply the body with valuable fucoidan and other Limu Moui substances every day. During special exposure to stress or diseases, the amount without hesitation can be increased to three times. Side effects of fucoidanhaltigen foods such as the Limu Moui cannot be expect juice common medicines.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

200 years ago in Europe have described isolated cases of "hay fever". And today, allergy affects up to 40% of the population of the globe, and every ten years this figure doubled. Doctors predict that by 2010 the disease will suffer every second inhabitant of the planet! But, despite such a scenario, to fight allergies is possible and necessary. Especially because the latest scientific advances have given doctors and, hence, and we with you, a lot of opportunities to successfully deal with this disease. There is probably no more volatile of the disease than an allergy. One person in the bloom of certain plants will not part with a handkerchief, constantly wiping his watery eyes (allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis) and sneezing, have another when in contact with the allergen on the skin appear red spots (hives) and there is intense itching, and even more severe manifestation? disordered breathing (angioedema) or even an attack of bronchial asthma.

Somebody's up to a certain Time may not know that he has the disease when he suddenly develops the most serious manifestation of allergy – anaphylactic shock, which may even lead to death. And what usually comes our the average person at the onset of the symptoms of allergies? Suprastin drinks and tries to forget about the fact that he has a disorder, instead of having to go to a doctor and begin treatment. Of course, it is nice feel healthy, but if you do not take care of this ailment in time, the disease will progress, and thus – to take on a more aggressive form.

Moderate Consumption

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Today, once again spread belief that alcoholic beverages may be helpful. Maybe so, but only provided moderate their consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol remain the most important causes of illness and death. Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) – the main ingredient of alcoholic beverages – is produced by yeast fermentation of starch or sugar. Other substances produced in the process, gives the drink specific taste and aroma. They cause many symptoms of a hangover syndrome.

For example, no alcohol, and contained in red wine polyphenols – the cause of headache. Nevertheless, the main threat to human health when consumed alcohol is just alcohol. The widespread notion that red wine reduces cholesterol in the blood, not scientifically confirmed. At the same time, red wine, increases the blood levels antioxidants that may help prevent aterockleroza, and also reduces blood clotting that is preventing thrombosis. Although alcohol is rich in calories are absorbed almost immediately, there is no the most important nutrients and vitamins. So people get used to drink a lot and little, there is a risk to suffer from nutritional deficiencies such as thiamine, vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, magnesium and zinc habit of drinking large quantities harmful to the liver, impairing the ability to metabolize protein and accumulate the vitamin that helps dissolve fat. Consumption of all types of alcohol leads to obesity, but most strongly Obesity develops from the beer and spirits: No wonder the beer lovers there is a characteristic abdomen and increases in the size of the heart.

What Is Bulimia And Anorexia? Part I

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Hard to believe that a young man in a bath enclosure to vomit minutes before the pizza hungrily swallowed. Hard to believe, but these situations are: bulimia and anorexia are not just diseases "feminine." Men also suffer. More and more. Argentina has, after Japan, the highest incidence of anorexia and bulimia on the planet, diseases affecting seven million women and one million men worldwide. In addition, it is estimated that in Argentina the percentage of people with these problems is three times higher than in the United States. The figures are from the Red interhospital of Eating Disorders in the City of Buenos Aires (Rihter): a network of twelve public hospitals where he is currently serving 400 patients and their families.

"The incidence is increasing year after year and has spread increasingly among men," they say on the Web The Association of Anti-Bulimia and Anorexia (Aluba) exists since 1985 and already treated more than 20,000 cases. Their statistics show that the Now serving 2,000 patients in the headquarters of the country, 10% are men. And the trend is growing: "From 2002 to 2003 saw an increase of 13.8% in male consultations," they say in the institution. And give more details: the average age dropped queries boys. In 2002 was 22.5 years and is now 17.7. Each year ago Aluba surveys in different schools across the country. The latter said that 90,000 children aged 12 to 16 years, 2% of men suffer from bulimia or anorexia, and 12% have some eating disorder.

The 3 Basics Of Dieting And Loosing Weight

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

I would like to share some basics for those who want to lose weight. The main thing you need to know is that there are no magic pills that will make you lose weight quickly, or you will lose weight. Although it would be good, you must realize that these pills are not effective, are a waste of money and may even be harmful and dangerous to your health. To lose weight will require some effort on your part, but if done properly can be as delicious, and once you start to get the results you want, you'll love. There are some pills that can certainly speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight, but if you do not make those great things you know you do (eat well, exercise) but find the best pickup on the market will not lose weight. If you want to lose weight properly and permanently, you really have to do is: 1. Reduce your calorie intake. By eating less than what your body needs, and create a caloric deficit, the natural consequence is that begin to lose weight.

2. Increases the amount of cardio you do. The body will spend more energy and burn more calories. 3. Boost your metabolism by doing exercises with weights, causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day to gain muscle. Many people believe that performing only one of these three is enough to lose weight.

The truth is that the best way to lose weight fast is to combine the above three points, not one, not two, three! Each point has its benefits and each has different benefits from each other. By eating well you follow you avoid consuming potentially harmful fats and foods for your body. Moreover, by reducing the calories, just for the heck of it begin to lose weight. As for the aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, in addition to improving the cardiovascular system is a type of exercise that primarily uses fat as fuel. When we talk about losing weight, what really matters is the body, and that's what it does best this type of exercise. Y Last but not least, the weight-bearing exercise helps build muscle tissue. Why is it good muscle tissue? because it burns more calories, longer (up to 36 hours after exercise) and because in addition to building our muscles and helps to shape the body, strengthens bones and has many more benefits. Combine in a three-point plan and not only get a powerful tool for weight loss but also to be in much better shape and mainly be healthier. Your Ideal Body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition to your advantage and begin to achieve the changes you want in your body permanently. Get your with Your Ideal Body