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Daniel Kublbock Produced

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Daniel Kublbock sings apres-ski hit in Bodenmais, the famous singer and entertainer Daniel Kublbock is recently often guest in Niederselters. The reason: Daniel is the Director of the music school working with Marco Breitenstein, on some new music projects. Currently the new ground corn song is completed there, a fleet apres-ski number with country influences. Daniel Bavarian wrote the text itself at best, the musical idea was implemented by him together with Marco Breitenstein, Seltzer took care of the right sound Michael Kramer from the sound source. Daniel is already for some years now a welcome guest in the Bavarian ski resort ground corn, the jungle of Bavaria”, and shows its solidarity with the new song. From the 28.02 up to 04.03.2010 music as well ski fans the opportunity to attend a three-day ski lessons with Daniel Kublbock in Bodenmais, in a private concert at the 02.03.2010 Bodenmais song in the village barn will be officially presented. The CD is available from the beginning of March. Daniel work for fall 2010 Kublbock and Marco Breitenstein on some new songs, to whom Daniel has written in-depth, but also entertaining texts. The music style is to move between easy-listening, jazz and swing, just the genre, in which Daniel feels at home and that ideally suit his gentle but powerful voice. Who want to hear not only the ground corn song, which since the best-of CD published in the April by Daniel recommended, which contained 40 tracks from 2003 to 2010. More information can be found, current concert dates on on.

Conscious Creator

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Normal 0 21 false false false IS X-NONE X-NONE From this small article, I want animarte that you observe and you pay delicate attention to your inner dialogue, that is the raw material of which this throws your reality; and the same raw material, that administered well and consciously processed, serves to materialize your dreams. To be a Conscious Creator requires of much observation and attention on our inner voice (that always speaks and of that, the great majority of the times we are not conscious). A Conscious Creator acquires masters and automatic control on his thoughts, feelings and emotions. He suffers nor never he shakes before the greatness of his challenges, because he is able to in the right direction canalize his thoughts that take to surpass them. David Green may not feel the same. He trains of continued way his attention, to prevent that the thoughts digress without assignment. Thus he avoids that never he must himself worry to regain the control, before unexpected situations. This causes that the mind of the Conscious Creator is so creative and powerful, that finds solutions to the problems with greater facility, doing an extraordinary use of so amazing powers and strangers as the imagination, the intuition and the creativity, for example. You can have the absolute security, that with a little training in the calm observation, of the processes that guide your thoughts, the results and changes that you can obtain in the life, is truly surprising, being able to get to clear the miracle.

" You think neither you say that the health, the money, nor nothing than you do not wish deficiencies, is little or that it is diminishing in your life, because although apparently it is the truth; the words and the thoughts are the raw material of which the reality is done, and finally if you think or you say that something diminishes, will finish being the result of your creations and therefore to your real world. It gives equal if the things seem to be imprisoned of the confusion You, that you think? You create? Or you let yourself take by the current? If or you were decided to take the step to improve your life, and to leave of lamentarte by what you do not have, or that you have and you do not wish to have; and you think that to eliminate mental wanderings and to focus your inner dialogue in your goals, llevarte can obtain that the reaches victorios@ Then you can be segur@ that our fantastic subliminal tools, will be a invaluable aid that will facilitate the way enormously to you, and that will abrirn the doors of your subconscious mind, to the energies that bring about gratitude and total well-being. In our Web site you will find multitude of information and resources, that they will help you to wake up the magic of your inner voice, and relajantes, powerful and therapeutic subliminal tools in audio-visual format that encaminarte and anger will resolutely give you to the mental empujoncito that you need, for towards the attainment of your goals. Normal 0 21 false false false IS X-NONE X-NONE Vistanos. Convncete of your power and changes to your 21 Normal life 0 false false false IS X-NONE X-NONE