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Issue 298 Was Released Weekly Environmental Newsletters Ecoportal.Ru

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Topics of issue: Russia's chief sanitary doctor warned Russians against the risk of contracting tick-borne encephalitis. Dinosaur ruined powerful oil explosion. Computer keyboard more hotbed of bacteria than public toilets. Global warming could release Antarctic ice iso poison. Review article cyclone 'Nargis' walked on Myanmar … The consequences of the devastating cyclone 'Nargis' disastrous for Myanmar. Global warming: a threat to the lake Baikal fauna of Central America, and women.

By May 9 in Moscow blossomed tulips, lilacs and nightingales sang. Mushrooms make uranium safe, but are becoming more dangerous for people. Bill Gates will address avian flu. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Drew Houston. 'Rubbish crisis': from Italy to Spain. Review of the week from 05.05.2008 to 05.11.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week.

Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia warned the Russians against the risk of tick-borne encephalitis infection Certain concern to the Russian epidemiologists is the situation with the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in the coming warmer months. As told reporters yesterday the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, 'Early spring, which began in the east of the country and Siberia, instilled in us some concern. But the cold snap that occurred in Siberia, very reduced activity of ticks – the peddlers of encephalitis. " Speaking about today situation, Onishchenko said, "there is Pocus, suspected encephalitis is, of confirmed cases so far '… —- Dinosaurs ruined a powerful explosion of oil a crucial role in the wholesale extinction of the dinosaurs could have played fast burning vast oil reserves. For such an unusual version of one of the most dramatic episodes of the biosphere came a group of scientists from America, Britain and Italy under the guidance of a scientist Mark Harvey (Mark C. Harvey) from the University of Indiana in Bloomington (Indiana University Bloomington) … —- Computer keyboard more hotbed of bacteria than public toilets work at a computer is a health hazard – on the buttons on your keyboard may be five times more bacteria than a public toilet, warns the British epidemiologists. Microbiologists study group Kingmoor Technological Services in Carlysle tested clean computer keyboards in offices. It turned out that almost all keyboards contain five times more bacteria than on the handles and seats of public toilets … —- Global warming could release Antarctic ice iso poison melting glaciers in Antarctica due to global warming can release the prisoners in their chemicals, particularly DDT (dihlordifeniltrihloetan) – strongest poison, from which most of the States declined almost 30 years ago … —- The full texts of these and other news you can get on ECOportal and in this edition of our newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter to this page:

Urban Cycling Shoes

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

We are going to talk today about a strange shoe. He is not fashion, nor heel boots, shoes do not. It is O_O cyclist shoes. I want to talk about them today because I was greatly surprised developments that have had. In principle, and until recently very little time just were usable to roll on a bike, since it was practically impossible to walk with them due to the sprain hardness of your sole. I remember my brother-in-law walking like a duck with his cycling set.

It has been popularized the use of mountain bike in extreme conditions, and many times kept mounted, is practically impossible. At that time the need arose for riding a bike and a versatile shoe that serve both to trekking. And don’t you think that are solely functional horrendous slippers, that goes!. Designs very cared for and updated already I’ve seen more than one urbanite look with his jeans by streets. They are also very usable if you have an urban, these small and folding bike to, for example, go to college or work. I really liked that they are the Specialized Taho. They weigh less than 900 gr. and it has lace-up closure protected by velcro so they are not pinched in the dishes of the bike.

They have threads for the coves of the pedals. Not me tell that are not cool. Another model, rather more ugly, to my taste are the mavic alpine: the technical features are similar, or even higher in the mavic, but in design wins by a landslide the Specialized. An intermediate model between the first design and fea the last functionality are these shimano MT60 Gore-Tex, which made model addition for mountain bike are ideal for these days egg (by water) we are experiencing. What was previously a very specific and only usable footwear in its field, has become athletic shoes that can be used as casual fashion original author and source of the article.