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The New Approach

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

In order to describe of a forceful form the present situation, from the point of view of the family, the work, the likings or any subject who affect to us, surely we would have to look for beyond the calendars and to try to think about if the model, the system of social relation, has to continue being the same. ” apaos” , patches and other prescriptions, are based on how the anomalous situations have been rectified so that it continued all equal. If we are consequent and we tried to learn of the lessons that History has given us, we must stop watching of reojo the future uncertain, and begin to deal with it you to you. With the intention of to change our situation and consequently with the desire to change the things. And this is not an individual but collective work. It is evident that the consumer society has changed to us. Now we are but individualistic, impatient, we like to have solutions to any question, we have resources to inform to us without going to anybody, only cliqueando in our computer.

And of course we have that sensation that gives the power of the information and of technical, simple, economic resources and to our reach, without moving to us of house. But we return to be related collectively. But what we could call our communities of likings, interests, of work, they are much more easy to administer to us from the networks online. We share gastronomical likings, of trips, Literature, from a new perspective, the one of our shared individuality. He is really interesting. We are going to put an example. I like to make montaismo. MSCO has firm opinions on the matter. This is not a liking that necessarily has to become a species of collective meeting to find tens us of people to one hour determined at the beginning of a footpath.

It is an activity that I like to practice, and I take to son and dog. We are three or four hours walking, throwing photos, laughing, contemplating to the landscape, commenting the plants to us, discovering things to each step. Soon I arrive at house, unloading the photos I illustrate, them with commentaries I hang and it in the social network to share it. It is a scene that almost is habitual, as soon as years ago he was unthinkable. Blogs i the networks social, they have equipped to us with tools to share. The moment has arrived from which advance a little more in all this. We are in the beginning of new ways to interchange of all online. Not only likings, products or photos, but to interrelate to us. There is a new way to organize our way to understand the work, the professional relations, that are putting to our reach these new ways to handle our life. To Diego Katzman (CEO of the Mythos Group) it likes to compare the situation with a New Renaissance. Concretely the effort of its company consists of ” to create the Ship to comprise of this new model of approach. What is certain, is that it is not easy to find a job, it is not easy to arrive in order month, is not far from easy to think about future key, if it is not counting on the opportunities that offer the new forms to you to organize themselves online.

Mileto Itself

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Students do not lose the course who set out to reach, I talk about to you young students. It is even much to do, Rome I do not build myself in seven days, nor precious Israel in a year. For it he is needed time and perseverancia. 3 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo He is advisable to write down the concept that we have about the water, since science and the technology advance of a elevamente amazing way. What caused that the future generations own another concept of this chemical compound, considering that the water will be origin of fights between the nations, because of the shortage. As a result of little it brings back to consciousness environmental that we own the thinking and rational men. Of the water we know that it is a chemical compound of hydrogen and I oxygenate. That one is in the nature in liquid state, solid and gaseous, is colorless, odorless and insipid.

To the atmospheric pressure of 760mm, over 0 degrees Celsius are liquid. To 0 c is solidified transforming itself into ice, 100c enters boiling transforming itself into steam, when it forms great masses acquires a greenish color, it refracts the light, and it dissolves many substances. It forms rains, the sources, the rivers and the seas. Who wishes to get to be a true scientist will have to know how in that moments he can make use of such knowledge, with the purpose of to benefit to others like a itself. Which is not a speculation and if a clear and evident reality. They observe what our old thinker made pre-Socratic: He will mention what one talks about To Such of Mileto if to the energy a same amount is added to him, positive or negative the equality subsists. if to a part of the energy of the universe or to all the energy of the universe a negative or positive amount is added to him, the equality subsists.

Laura Branches

Friday, July 29th, 2016

If the life did not have low stops and we would not have necessity to know how how to automotivar to us. It would be like trying that an airplane can fly without fuel, or maintaining running a car without gasoline in a slope, like trying to remove forces that allow us to leave ahead without having powerful reasons that accompany to us. But how I can do for automotivar to me every day? While more resources and ideas you must to generate them better. Next, some suggestions are revealed you, recommendations, from different scopes of people with recognized trajectory you can right now apply that them to your own life (Lee and vizualiza each testimony as if outside a film) That suggestions I can follow to always stay with the spirit arrives, or to balance it needs when it? Ana Zabaleta. Coach Of the Industralist. To work with the woman industralist is one of its passions, it shares the following thing to us: " When the things do not leave as I hope, I try beams two things: On the one hand to center me in my work.

When I deliver the attack to follow with my obligations a to weigh of everything, in the little short while I better feel because I stop thinking about which it worries to me. On the other hand to have a plan B and plan C for when the things they do not leave as I want; that provides tranquilidad.&quot to me; Laura Branches. Aid and resources for the Enterprising personal development, coach personal and signaller. What better it works to him to Laura when we are those with low stops and: " When those moments arrive at which I do not have desire to raise me by the mornings because it failed some project or because the things were not as it hoped, my magical baryta is the gratitude, yes, I like to make a review of everything what she already exists in my life and works to me.

Emma Bidamon

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

The presentation of Emma Bidamon: I have wanted to begin my participation realising a very brief introduction in which I will mention to them that tonight they accompany to me, since they have been able to observe a group of women with which it unites a very singular bond to me, I dare to say to them that hardly a similar situation can be found throughout history to which, by divine mandate, it has corresponded to us to live. Each of us we have been united in the sacred bond of the marriage, to share our life with the same man not even, sealed and enmudecidas by the secret that we had to accept under agreement of not being able to disclose it to anybody, to our own family, under penalty of being the condemned to undergo but the cruel punishments, punishments, that hardly the human mind is able to imagine. One of the hardest and traumatic experiences than a woman can support throughout all their existence, under the yoke of a union celebrated in Santo Templo by the power of the priesthood, this life and all the eternity. ng for or against this. In the personnel, Emma comments to us, I have felt from always a firm rejection to this infamous practice of the plural marriage, in several opportunities severely I have been admonished reason why a rash act of revolt was considered against aims of the Creator and an arrogant attitude that defied the patriarchal authority of my husband. This that I mention as a introduction constitutes the reason or the reason by which these ladies have decided to accompany to me and to share with you their experiences of life. I try to go to them so relating the facts what has happened, doing without all type of valuations that can have a subjective or tendentious character, has not been this one my form to face the life and I do not have the smaller intention to make innovations now.

More Tends

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

The time is controlable. Form clans; it selects his relatives by marriage. Between the velveteen and most competent, the vernacular manager, very frequently is decided by first. He tends to be authoritarian, controller and centralising. Its motivation and anxieties of being able do not feel to taste with the delegation of functions. It wants empires, horizontal as as much vertical.

The more important social necessity is also the looked for reward more. One surrounds by structure and bureaucracy. The structure offers a security sensation; the bureaucracy protects and accompanies. He is excessively operative. It is inmiscuye in the operations and it neglects the strategies. On the one hand, its eagerness takes to control it to become jumbled in everything; on the other hand, the operations, by their specific characteristics, are the ideal activity to obtain immediate rewards. He is territorial.

It protects his department or its section of the external influences, watches over its subordinates and it does not share information with his pairs. Its motivation of being able is against the opening necessity. It tends to repeat the past. The change resists. The future he is risky, the change also. Its approach of planning is intuitive and unreliable person. When he designs strategies, he tends to contaminate them with unreal expectations. He does not know the errors, he looks for guilty and he suffers the critic. Its externality prevents him to accept mistakes; like unique person, the critic does not resist. It looks for the spectacular thing; one becomes bored increasing with it. It persists little. It tries to obtain results with a few glorious blows, and from one day to the next. Their loyalty and its identification are concentrated in the people. The organization, the company or the ministry are not but representations of the individuals direct that them. He is shared in common with his people. The institution is not motivation source.


Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

This it is our payment. The wealth are excellent, because they serve like tools for many things, but the virtue can lead to invest them to us of menera but correct. You intention to live and to cultivate economically well to where it is possible the virtue, far from vices, which are not useful. We can drink, but with sobriety without losing the diginidad that offers the reason. We can love but without aser to us enslaved sentimental of another person.

We conserve the government of we ourself. But We duplicate its power with the force of the reason, to if the beings did not dominate themselves us who we loved. Because you can be allows, and know when you finish a relation or if you decide to follow, or to know if that one person agrees to you or to not is suitable this you teaches the powerful reason to it. Young people you study first, you arrive far very far. And soon it replaces this necessity. Before dejeis not to drag to you by these emotions. Either later, it does not only try to replace your human part, deserves which it, because he is natural and nobody the one prevents you that so this crazy person does. Nothing better than a family.

Because the same is an integral cell of the society. For it the love is not sufficient, the money also is necessary in order that ours, they live on a worthy way. Soon the love conforms the best part in the formation of the people. because where there is wealth and it does not have love. One generates resentment and frustration. where there is love and nonwealth generate frustration and fights. As much the one as the other is necessary. I speak to you of the average wealth. it express love without measures but with authority and character.

My Mother

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

In these verses a dichotomy between the ash and the fault visualizes. Between the unfinished thing, the symbolic concluded thing and of the ash, inherent to the ideological schemes. Nevertheless, the speaker is conscious that the fear is a consubstantial part of terrestrial task, for this reason, its voice wants to untie of the complaints librame of the fear to the ray that puts under. And, again, the ray with its symbolism arises from destructive element, that loads with a high semantic quota I am the mother country from the sun that does not watch to me; My Mother country never had geography . It establishes, on the other hand, a tridico behavior thus what one suffocates behind the words/and to see in the blindness. Before that panorama, the word leaves fortified, because it is salvation, does not suffocate, because it has the capacity to see, inclusively, in the blindness. The word is a indetenible power. Poetic of Andres the Morals it penetrates in the mysteries of the own words, in his glare and, from there, it unfolds his own semantic and semiticos fields, to go away discovering, that is to say, to be made read, to let itself listen to the hunger is the word, the law of every day .

In the poetry of the Chilean author there are constructions of anthology: the key of cell/is the forgetfulness or the memory bites like a tied beast. Its bismica directionality is a species of constant, where the unique truth is the one that denies to us. That attitude implies actanciales picture deployment, like lyrical subject and predicate, for that reason history would not want () to rewrite it in the defeat . That full spirit is a stria in the ajenidad of all nothing, neither the air, nor a poem: /All we went direct to the slaughter house.

Margaret Thatcher

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

But the desliz causes diplomatic consequences, since they assumed the indigenistas, these have looked for the confrontation with Washington. The fact demonstrates once again, that the volunteers put in subjects that no they would have, they speak with the people mistaken on subjects that do not include/understand, in decline of its own organization, her country and the nation welcomes that them. The Body of Peace is the civil attendance to cooperate other nations, but more important and generous it was always the political, economic and military support of Washington, that allowed that we live better in a world. If the United States had not taken part in World War II, the world would be speaking German. After the war, the superpower became factor of world-wide balance before the Soviet nuclear threat, and defender of the freedom and the democracy against the Comunism. They were republican and democratic that chose to help to other towns disclosing the North American ethical values, that are enviable utopias for the majority of the humanity.

Wisely Margaret Thatcher said: Europe is product of history. The United States is product of the philosophy. The United States helped per decades countries that shared their principles and values, until arrived the White House a president who inmiscuy itself more than the others in the political intern of other nations, forcing the change of stable, friendly governments of the West, by extremist, enemy regimes of North America, alleging to defend the Human rights. Its name is Jimmy Carter, great facilitator of the ascent to the power of the ultraleft in Latin America. The fall of the pro-western governments under the pressure of Carter, brought with himself the dismal dictatorships of the Ayatola Homeini and Daniel Grouse.

The mediocre manisero used the money of Capitalism to intensify the neon-Comunism, and now it uses the Arab money to foment the Yijad. With Ronald Reagan there was a return to the sanity. The brilliant and charismatic republican leader, obtained through the dissuasion that the Eastern European countries recovered their independence. George Bush father, defended to Kuwait of the Iraqian aggression committing the disastrous error to leave to Saddam Hussein in the power. Lesson that confirms, that is better to devastate completely with the enemies from the moment in which they declare like such, and the reasons that caused the war are fresh in the minds of the towns. Bill Clinton was a good administrator, penetrated militarily against the dictatorships in Panama and Granada so that almost nor he noticed, and imposed penalties on the terrorist governments of Iran and Libya, but he left dangerous loose ends in Afghanistan where Osama was fortified Bin Laden, and in Pakistan where Abdul Qadeer Khan made its atomic bomb. George W. Bush had to fight with the first own ground enemy attacks, and to mount an unusual national emergency situation. The United States must face one more a harder battle today because its popularity is in favor of grounds, thanks to a large extent to the foolish pacifist speeches of the democrats, who try to hide the vulnerability to which the North Americans are exhibited. If we want to survive the fascism of the alliance leftist-islamist, Washington will have to maintain their presence in Iraq, it will be forced to bomb Iran, and will have to fortify his world-wide cooperation defending freedom and the western values everywhere.