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Argentine Hotel

Friday, May 31st, 2019

There there is a permanent painting exhibition, where the black granite firewood maylicas and stove stand out, extracted of the quarries of the Hill Sugar Bread. A long walk by satately boulevard shows the pilasters to us adorn that it, true compendiums of symbolism. Arriving at the Stroll from the Passive one, we can observe the first baths public of Uruguay and one of the treasures of the city: the Colony of vacations Dr. Emilio Oribe, where the Piripolis Hotel worked (inaugurated in 1905) and administered by the own Piria. Leaving the Colony by the Armenia street, to few steps it is the railway Museum, which also counts on guided visit. Actress and filmmaker is often quoted as being for or against this. Crossing the Boulevard, we found the entrance to the Argentine Hotel, most sumptuous in South America in 1930, year of its inauguration. It is enough to say that all their equipment was calculated until the year 2000, considering breakage and robberies.

A guided visit can be coordinated. Leaving the Argentine Hotel, to the right is the Pavilion of the Roses; this building celebrated of stable of the Anaya Cabin. Franciso Piria acquired in Montevideo biographer and to serve the lunches that it included in the packages of promotion, when it brought the people of the capital stops to know " the spa of porvenir". At the moment in remodeling process, one thinks that its structure was projected in the Eiffel school of Paris. By the street that happens through the door of the Pavilion (Zabala), walking it squares is arrived at the restaurant You will sing, where the first House of Post office of the city worked. Total of the route: 11 pictures. MYSTICAL PIRIAPOLIS Don Francisco Piria was initiated to early age in the wisdom of the alchemy thanks to their uncle, a monk Jesuit. With time it designed a city that demonstrates its deep knowledge within a precise geometric frame.

Database Protection

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Protection of the structure of a data base would be everything form of expression of the selection or disposition of its contents, not being extensive to these. Get more background information with materials from Tumblr. The structures that contain the information of the data bases are considered by the legislation in intellectual property like works of intellectual creativity. The creativity in a data base cannot be put in doubt at two different moments, as they are it as much at the time of storage of the information as of recovery or consults. All the effort that is reversed in the creation of a data base that serves like support to any work within an organization, is compensated this way. In addition it allows to be able to put in the market that tool of information treatment and power to have protected it against external attacks that can suffer.

Like it happens in the computer programs, the protection of the data bases, already data bases online like independent are, is not only the compilation of information, but all the procedure that his entails creation and development, as well as the final result. Therefore we can on the one hand, say that a double scope of protection articulates on the data bases, the one that the author right confers, and on the other hand, the right sui generis, like figure introduced in this Law when transposing to our Directive jurdicola ordering 96/6/CE. Both rights or forms of protection are therefore complementary. The author right requires of the requirement of originality of the work, like the other types of works that are protected by the intellectual property. The data base will have therefore to be original in the selection or disposition of its contents, being these excluded from this type of protection. However, the contents, following the matter composes that them, will take care of other binding norms as they can be the industrial property, secret, protection of data or private right.

Science Religion

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

SCIENCE, RELIGION and preservatives By Michael To be accustomed to (INDUSTRIAL INEGNIERA EURUJI) Angels and demons definitively show the crisis which faces the catholic religion. The pinto director to the leaders of the Church like hypocritical beings but with so shining minds that they are able to draw up a maleficent plan with the purpose of to make an impression to the masses and to again convince to us that they are the representatives of the Earth divinity. My tatarabuelo was preaching protestant and dedicated all their life to spread " word of Dios" having the security of which the alternative vision of the world that offered was unique and the unquestionablily correct one. I never doubted that he was a right man and good but was not a person able to question its beliefs by all means nor, did not allow that nobody raised arguments against – to weighing to be formulated with logic -. Under my subjective experience we do not have to put in the same coat to all. However, it does grace to me that certain fundamentalists do not give their arm to twist with respect to their beliefs, but yes they can take certain privileges that are not essential to practice their office. I have seen several of these men carrying movable of last generation, leading cars armored (like " Papamovil") and writing in pages Web. I have felt attemped to shape one of the phrases that said to me when he was a child: " I do not put to you where they do not call to you " I understand that they must right to modernize itself, but I feel incapable to include/understand why they must be updated if their thoughts, words and acts are hard run aground in the time.