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Thursday, June 20th, 2019

The first Conference in Germany regarding the future of XRM Mainz, 21 February 2013. A day in the character of relationship management: on 25 April 2013 invites the forum! An expert market research GmbH to a unique trend Conference in Mainz present current trends and developments, practice speakers report on their experiences in the implementation of XRM strategies. XRM – relationship management at all touch points for successful companies have fans. People who not only I like”click, because they are satisfied, but people who are emotionally tied to the company. Fans are economically attractive because they buy more and more frequently, and they recommend the company as a valuable Ambassador.

It is so, all touch points”to ensure that customers and employees as well as sales and cooperation partners, media representatives and members of a community are becoming fans. Conference attendees can look forward to exciting expert reports, the latest study results and many examples of direct business. One day, the lot of room for the Exchange to give,”says Roman Becker, Managing Director of forum! Market research. Learn about the best strategies for successful XRM this trend Conference as from customers, employees and make all other business contacts-loyal fans and this new impetus to increase their business success,”said Roman Becker next. As one of the most well-known key note speaker is Phil Winters, the father of customer intelligence”, explain why human touch points are so important and why we need more social and less media. Report from the direct business practice: Stefan Ives, Member of the Executive Board for the MS Motor Service International GmbH about the launch of an XRM system as an engine for best service, Bernd H. Rath, founder and CEO of BERA GmbH, active employee and value orientation as the key factor to strengthen customer loyalty and Torsten Niemann, head of customer management at the LichtBlick SE about sustainable growth by loyal Customers and a clear philosophy.

Laser Engraving

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Participated in expert Lasercut for online information about laser engraving and laser engraving Palegra has Berlin’s paper in the yard on the 7th June 2013 at the greatest show on paper”with its own stand. The event took place on the grounds of the organizing company Ruksaldruck in Berlin-Mariendorf. The weather was excellent, and about 800 visitors came to take numerous exhibitors and their products in inspection. The team of Palegra had brought some to the interested public and presented his repertoire in the fields of laser engraving, laser cutting and laser perforation. Laser engraving in leather and wood in different depths and colors a total 20 exhibitors gave the visitors an insight into the innovations and novelties in the field of paper, paper finishing and printing products. Bausch & Lomb may not feel the same. There were standard papers, but also exclusive precious papers from manufacturers such as Fedrigoni, to discover Roman tower or GMUND.

The experts were able to offer something special for laser engraving and laser by Palegra: so were not only individual exhibits from the manufacturing of Palegra afterwards, it could be followed the real time calculation for laser processing live with the Palegra budget planner. Another highlight was the presentation of new laser engravings in various leathers such as such as nappa leather from cattle. The effects created by laser engraving in noble real wood, veneers and solid boards was demonstrated. In the engraving depth as well as the colors were varied, maintaining the characteristic grain of the wood. Laser engraving laser engraving is suitable for the processing of various surfaces for the finishing of various surfaces.

Also on the Web page, presents the professional pattern and explains processes and possibilities in the field of laser engraving and laser cutting. In contrast to embossing remains free of pressure marks the back of the engraved surface and can be used freely on. Also, no tooling costs incurred during the laser engraving. The results are especially delicate, very fine structures at a point thickness can be realised with laser engraving.