The World Of Carpets

The most common types of carpet the dealer sells the different types of carpet on the market are carpets from apartments and houses no longer. Whether it is the classic wall to wall carpeting, a bridge or another form of carpet. Even the purchase of a carpet is at first glance quite simple: DIY stores, furniture shops, carpet dealer and even discounters offer carpets. Also the money bag and their desires to decide where to buy at the end. The carpet trade offers one around service in addition to high-quality carpets, that doesn’t stop with the sale of the carpet. But particularly interesting are the many different types of carpet that exist on the market. Many are still elaborate hand made and fitted with traditional patterns.

Many different types of rugs are available on the market. This is for example differ in the nature, the manufacturing and the appearance. The following are some types explains and important details. The Gabbeh rug a rug, which originates from the Persian room, is referred to as Gebbeh. This is established in the traditional way by hand and has a coarse weaving. The abstract published design, playful figures in geometric appearance and the large color segments are typically carpet referred to as Persian rug. Many tribes are still engaged in this knotting technique.

Goat and sheep’s wool are usually the basic material of these rugs. This is been aligned with dyes from nature to the desired color. In most cases, it is bright, expressive colors. The wool is made usually from two threads and made a Senneh node on Persian or a Ghiordes knots in Turkish way. The soft carpet usually consists of no more than 70,000 knots per square metres and has a high use value. Originally, the Gabbeh models for personal use have been determined. In the last two decades of the last century, this has Greatly increased interest in the Western world on the carpets.

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