Willow Displays Launches Campaign

Successful campaigns at the point of sale or on events need a solid”base. What good is there a minderwertiges-seemingly cheap display to its brand”to present. Nothing to hurt his brand brand rather! The other day I saw a low budget displays with the slogan in an elitist shop which sell very high quality pianos – quality is our motto. It is however unacceptable and certainly not credible.

As a company which probably has one of the most successful premium manufacturer in the world and whose Produkte are not exactly cheap, with a cheap inferior CRAP advertises “displays for your brand. Believe me the consumer sees this and its consequences! He seeks his fortune somewhere else or he is down the price. As little investment in its brand what is so obvious you can press which also determines the price. Since the company’s pasture Displays a different path. “With the new campaign LOVE YOUR fire CUT THE CRAP” would we raise awareness among all potential customers, but your brand to protect and to opt for quality and high-quality display systems. For example, our new PANEL trade show display BASE.

There are solid and professional ads, which can implement the customer 100%. You have the choice between the 40 cm or 61 cm-wide system. Everything possible is the amount the customer decides. All messages are on both sides and all print media are einspannbar up to 18.5 mm. Also optional products such as such as bottles, packs, etc. For frequently changing motifs we have the magnet frame in the program. This significantly simplifies the change of motive alone by his weight. Everything is possible with a high-quality display system in the portfolio. Since the 50 KW, you can also the Panel base displays LIVE and in color in our showroom to view. More information: Willow displays GmbH Mr. NIC ash Braaker basic 2, 22145 Braak phone: +49/(0) 40 6693060 E-Mail: the Willow displays GmbH offers over 18 years one of the most extensive product ranges for the modular and three-dimensional presentation. Tailor-made solutions are only possible by a competent advice. Many prominent references demonstrate the know-how in this area and significant production. In the 150 m2 showroom can all display variants considered, be collected or also the handling live tested. We will gladly send samples to the interested parties.

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