With Abas ERP More Efficiently Produce

ABAS business software supports the company Truplast to expand the international presence and tipped the scales, in the technical and functional requirements, best assessment of implementation partners and ERP system by the national team. European market leader for vacuum cleaner hoses Truplast Kunststofftechnik GmbH has a wide range. Plastic hoses and hose assemblies for industry and household appliances, the customer receives everything from a single source. The customers design specification to the Hesse take over the hose and part development. A private prototyping implements the requirements of the customers in and after releasing the series delivery is performed in own tool and mechanical engineering.

At the company headquarters in Langgons in casting, the company employs approximately 100 staff. Another 150 are on the production sites in the Sonneberg, the Spanish Girona and the Hungarian Jakabszallas. In China, Truplast is part of an Association of German companies, to also according to European standards to offer produced hoses. Faster and more efficient processes Waldemar Koch, production manager at Truplast: “Truplast has different production processes, which must be mapped in the ERP system. The production of our vacuum cleaner hoses in the extrusion process, for example, is mass production.

Data sheets, recipes and mixing ratios are stored in the parts list. An advantage of our new ERP-system is that it automatically prints out attached documents to the order. The engineering-to-order is there a BOM looks quite different. We can portray both procedures in our ERP system.” Truplast has via the BDE system connected to the software and bar code scanner automates the recovery procedures and faster. This performance and material automatically in the system are available. By the prescribed processes have greatly reduced the rear registration error and today tend to 0. A time saving of up to one hour per day was also achieved by the new feedback-reporting process. At the Question, what has changed since the introduction of the software, production manager not long to consider cooking: “is today passed an order on the production, I can determine immediately whether all required materials in stock are or when they are delivered.” Dipl.-kfm.

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